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Modding in additional game modes with mpmodesmd.ini?

Holy Fuzz

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Way back when I was in college (like 10 years ago now), my friends and I made a mod for Red Alert 2 that made balance changes and added some new game modes. I'm trying to get the mod working again for a nerdy LAN-party reunion. I've successfully gotten the balance changes working by simply renaming the mod's rulesmd.ini file to spawner.xdp, easy enough. However, CnCNet doesn't seem to pick up the additional game modes that are added with the mpmodesmd.ini file. (They don't show up in the Game Type dropdown in CnCNet, though they work fine when running without CnCNet via Origin.) Is there anything special I have to do with that file to get it to detect these additional modes? Is this even possible?

Thanks for your help! Here's the contents of the mpmodesmd.ini file in case it's relevant:

; Define the multiplayer game modes
; modeID=Name, rulesOverride, mapFilter, randomMapsAllowed

; Battle is "standard" multiplay with rules.ini changes for modified gameplay
; It is the only one that allows AI players.
1=GUI:Battle, STT:ModeBattle, MPBattleMD.ini, standard, true
9=GUI:TeamGame, STT:ModeTeamGame, MPTeamMD.ini, teamgame, false
10=GUI:NukeGrab1, STT:ModeNukeGrab1, MPNuke1MD.ini, standard, true
11=GUI:NukeGrab2, STT:ModeNukeGrab2, MPNuke2MD.ini, standard, true
12=GUI:Inf, STT:ModeInf, MPinfMD.ini, standard, true
13=GUI:OilWars, STT:ModeOilWars, MPOilWarsMD.ini, standard, true
14=GUI:NoNavy, STT:ModeNoNavy, MPNoNavy.ini, standard, true
15=GUI:Room2113, STT:Room2113, MPr2113MD.ini, standard, true
16=GUI:R2113master, STT:R2113master, MPr2113masterMD.ini, standard, true
17=GUI:nogap, STT:nogap, MPnogapMD.ini, standard, true
18=GUI:moneyinsanity, STT:moneyinsanity, MPmoneyinsanityMD.ini, standard, true

; ManBattle is battle between MEN!  (i.e. no AI's)
5=GUI:Megawealth, STT:ModeMegawealth, MPMWMD.ini, megawealth, false
6=GUI:Duel, STT:ModeDuel, MPDuelMD.ini, duel, false
7=GUI:MeatGrind, STT:ModeMeatGrind, MPMeatMD.ini, meatgrind, false
8=GUI:NavalWar, STT:ModeNavalWar, MPNavalMD.ini, navalwar, false

2=GUI:FreeForAll, STT:ModeFreeForAll, MPFreeForAllMD.ini, standard, true

4=GUI:UnholyAlliance, STT:ModeUnholyAlliance, MPUnholyMD.ini, standard, false

3=GUI:Cooperative, STT:ModeCooperative, MPCoopMD.ini, cooperative, false


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1 hour ago, dkeeton said:

The file you are looking for are in the INI folder. It's called MPMaps.ini. It has a custom Cncnet game mode called Tournament that you can use to understand how to add new game modes.


Thanks! That gets me a few steps closer, but it's still not working yet. I've gotten the new mode to show up in CnCNet by adding the following to the MPMaps.ini file and then adding the new mode to a map:



But playing with this new mode doesn't use the rules from my Room2113.ini file. (Which is a copy of my original mpr2113md.ini file that I put in the INI folder.) I did GameMode=15 because that's the number in my mpmodesmd.ini file (which is in RA2's root folder), but I also tried GameMode=1 with no difference. So yeah, now I'm stumped again.

Here's my Room2113.ini file.

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