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Game doesn't display properly once map loads when playing from the main executable.


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I have CnCNet installed and ts-ddraw in the in the main folder, but I'm trying to play from the original executable without the CnCNet client because I want save games to work. What happens is that the game starts up fine and the main menu is fine, but the problem comes when it tries to load any map. I attached a screenshot of what it looks like. The map loads, but when it comes back from switching to 1920x1080 (since I've heard the main menu is fixed at the lower resolution), it just doesn't display. It just shows the skirmish menu. You can hear the game in the background and I can even select units, but none of it displays. Also I've heard that ts-ddraw is supposed to fix the alt tab issue, but that's not working either. It works for RA2, but not YR. The game comes back up and displays, but the cursor disappears.

Screenshot (144).png

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E1 Elite reported a similar problem on PPM I guess


With no response, I assume the change didn't have effect on your end. I tested with CityScape map in TSClient with DrawFPS switched off. First load of the DLL is slow, so after first run on the map, I had tested with changing both the official version and my changed build and then checking for the menu response. It works better for me on Win7 x64, nVidia card. 

With August commits at github, the windows fullscreen is not working properly. For example, when windows desktop is at 1920x1080 and the game resolution is set to 1600x900, it doesn't scale to fullscreen but draws it as inset with surrounding gap filled black. Last working version is of (July 2018).


@Ryrin Try https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-ddraw/releases

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