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C&C Tiberian Sun issues


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I just downloaded the free full version of Tiberian Sun from the C&C website .http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=41  The game itself works fine (albeit a stutter every now and then), but what is really giving me a problem is the in-game menus. When I click anything (Options, Skirmish, Campaign etc...) the menu will not open. It starts to open, but gets stuck and only a silver bar appears. I can still click on the buttons within the menu, but I cant see them at all. I can hear when my cursor moves over a button, but I cant see anything. If I press CTRL+ALT+DEL to get to the task manager and go back to the game, the menu suddenly appears. However, once I leave the menu and attempt to go back to it, it does the same thing over. Silver lining appears, and I can perform actions but cant actually see anything.


Anyone have any idea what is going on A solution?


Windows 7

64 Bit


please help me!!  :(  :S

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Splitt Why ask for help with Tiberian Sun in a thread made for issues with Red Alert performance?


Anyhow, are your graphics drivers and DirectX up to date? If not update them to the latest version.


There should also be a special ddraw.dll file around that could help you, I'll look around for it. (It's not cnc-ddraw mind you)



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