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Mission skipping bug?

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Hey it was recently brought to my attention from someone who recently played the Mod that somehow in the GDI campaign when you play thru it all the way it apparently skips mission 13 (Destroy the Bio Lab) after you Rescue Mobeius and destroy the SAM sites (AKA GDI 12) and takes you to mission 14 where you cut off the fleeing Nod forces. Did anyone else ever experience this? I have never in all my years of modding experience with Generals see a bug like this as it should be impossible in the Generals campaign system due to the way it is coded. I downloaded and checked the code contained in campaign.ini from v1.44 and it seems to check out ok!?

I am nearly to the point of calling BS on this unless someone else can come forward and also confirm this from their downloaded version of the mod.

I have also been told that people have encountered severe framerate issues (due to the busy AI pathfinding behavior which is a known defect in the generals SAGE engine) in the final GDI campaign missions which I am aware of and will address soon in another patch. I know this was an issue in the final Nod mission which is why the map was greatly modified from the original by adding land bridges and whatnot to the map.

If anyone else knows of any mission maps that are particularly bad with the above issue that I missed, please leave a reply with your experiences and input.

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