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Your idea of the perfect C&C game


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An amazing hallway of a client with so many catogories, gameplays and extra's to get lost in. Even with hidden minigames you can discover by accidently clicking on some icon, like a towerdefense YR lol or a fun ion canon game lol, Just in the main menu itself.

When you enter 'Missions', a list full of catagories of maps to play show, also on multiplayer. You can check map by 1st, 2nd and 3rd map to play automatically after u finished the recent. The host options are also very advanced and friendly to even noob eyes.

You can even make edits to the map, it opens up the internal editor that includes many deep advanced sections. Not only is it easier and friendlier then the original c&c editors and all add ons made by fans, it even got more. Also the abbility to save your edits for other maps. And so every player have their own storage that any player can access by choice, with their mods or triggers you can apply, to the map you're hosting. Or even to store recording, which perhaps another player can play even on a specific time optionally.

Modding & mapping

(since last December, tiberian sun was updated with a big suprise for map and mission makers: The ability to use Spawn locations in any trigger, give credits trigger and many more So to create missions and very interesting unique ways to get money with any unique mission is now possible.) So also this is included in the game in the internal editor. Also there is a platform perhaps with optional internal forum, to create your own vehicle, infantry, building and any animation. You could store this in your cloud and easily add the rules/mods for your creation. Also optionally accessable to anyone

Entering 'extra's, first thing in that list is

First person shooter. You can set up standard or custom map, there are even maps specially made for first person like a maze or just a cool war story.


The game to me has a distinct tiberian sun feeling, and the open tropical feeling of ra2, before you start the game you can chose if you want to be able to toggle 3d view on or off, or perhaps only 'peak left and right' mode

Same for 'enter 1st person to unit' option. If this is enabled you can enter 1st person view for any unit you wish perhaps connected with a hotkey, also theres a sub option to enable Extra 1st person abilities. Cuz it be cool to have a more abilities in 'conscious mode'.


In every aspect/platform there is a community, and even the forum/chat has dept and settings.

Entering Houses, Create your own house, edit house etc. Change game mechanics to a house, you can chose from standard houses from the new cnc3,4, and even the early games red alert, dune, ts, cnc1, ra2, every game and ofcourse there would be list of custom perfected houses in the collective storage, to chose for your map. Or how ever you want to use the house. Also ofcourse every  thing custom made or edited could be rated.

There should be a section to create your Balance between houses, with very smart calculations to make a good balance between houses for your creations/mods. For example if you pick the standard houses TS Nod vs RA2 Yuri, it will show the unbalance, and offer solutions. This should probably have many complexities and ongoing development which includes a good communication area.

And ofcourse because this is an advanced remaster, you can upload any map of any game, it will convert and it will repair itself to where you can edit it now to be perfectly playable in the game, and so everything that has been made in the past will be reborn and remastered as well! (so many spent years and years on mods and maps, me too i have too many maps i'd love to be remastered and be played by others lol)


And because this is the biggest most advanced game ever, playing all the old games with original engine is just a tiny extra, but also has a community, and an option to use original westwood, cncnet version or remastered mode. Even this section has a good ranking system with clans and ladders.

The game is growing big very quick. It is growing cuz of the 1million spent on youtube etc which Jamesryko mentioned lol. And so even youtube wants a space in the game. The game has updated, there is new platform where now the edit ability of the game has become like creating your own website, but deeper and involving the game. Now there is a chance to make money in the game, and will be converted to bitcoin once its in the game, so this means gambling is legal and so compititions with money prices is possible. Proof you are better then someone else for money, even if its TS, RA2, anything remastered or custom made. Only ofcourse with the engine,house and map that are marked as cheat free (Lol this might get out of hand) .The game is so big by now, secret things are created. For example there is a lighttower in a specific map, if you enter it with Tanya it will open up a hidden casino where you can gamble your bitcoin with casino games lol.

And ofcourse beside ingame credits, there are player credits in main menu too, where perhaps you can unlock an advanced house or advanced ability to mod. (Perhaps EA games can include that, with or without MTX) and now ofc dont get confused by your fake credits and real money

Even investors are raping the ability to create, and so they create competitions with many ads, giving players money.

Perhaps all the credits and money involved i imagined is too much, but never say never! Anyway, Also - because we wanna keep up with time- there will be a VR (Virtual Reality) section, with many options , even an area that can connect with normal gaming, lets say a normal multiplayer game enabled VR players to be created as a unit in the game that they are playing. And so they can communicate to their commander to be build again after dying, and even create plans. Not only this, there will also be games for only VR players, with maps and mission made specifically for them but also to chose from standard maps and missions. Guys you shloud check out my Rally race map on TS, BGGY racing would be freaking amazing in VR. Your ally as commander that places buildings, and the VR player that races. (Please check out that map lol, it would definitly be played if theres a big community). And so this way many people will have their own ideas for maps and will easily create it now that there is an amazing creators platform.

And so the game devides in many many aspects. Lol and cuz this is probably too much to create in a game, it should be an entire operating system. Perhaps bill gates wanna work with all of us to make this. Cnc = life



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Lol i can't stop fantasizing. So there are some real great graphics in the game. The water looks clear and beautifull like in the disney movie Moana. There are not only boats in the game, but also entire aqua maps. There is some special crystal or pearls that are found in oceans, so entire bases are made under water, and this will add depth and height and the ability to build up and down down below in a dark cave with some mystical creators hiding. Ah also in the normal game, there are maps that have beautifull natural canyons. Some houses have buildings that can be build inside a cliff, and so this is perfect for aircrafts. There are many aircraft factories just for a single house and so a big variety of aircrafts. Just imagine how many skill levels there would be.

Back to aqua maps - we're going inside a mission story: an enemy house named COR has been spied on GDI's discovery on the high value pearls that are discovered in the deep sea, and so they've secretely developed a huge variety of advanced submarines, mutated whales and giant octopusses (like ra2) to conquer the ocean. Becarefull GDI. And so awesome missions begin.

So the ocean units and structured could be made in a normal map, but there is only a tech that can be build if theres deep sea. And so this will transform a map into a big open world where many strategies can form. 

Because there is too much to learn about, players might get overwhelmed, so there are many GameStyles to play with only an x amount of units and buildings. So i bet there will be players that've been playing for years that only play 2 or 3 of the 20 gamestyles and so theyre now very skilled with these, now they can add other ones to add to their skills and up their strategy level

And ofcourse theres an option to enable any style.

Depending on how fast the server will be, there could be games with 20 vs 20 players lol.. i mean why not. 5 vs 5 would probably be very popular, and still i gotta mention again, to add VR players as specific units in the game as ally would be really cool. So it would be 5 vs 5, but every player can have a VR player in their army.

Also in the normal remastered game that can be played in extra's(see first post), you could play with more then 8 players. Coming to think of it, this corner of remastered old cnc games should have a tunnel inside the main game, and so every mode from the main game could be enabled, like the deep sea and boats etc even in TS or Dawn lol, but ofc hardcore oldskool players won't, cuz they wanna play the original.

So now that i've imagined a pretty freakin cool game, its time to visualise a battle. Its a 1 vs 1. Subterrain tunnel making, Deep sea and cliff build is enabled, the custom gamestyle '4U-5F/VER' is enabled.(it includes a few player-made voxels) Which means 4 units in 5 different factories, and VER means verified to be balanced and cheat free.

The game starts, i build my powerplant and barracks, send infs up cliffs to find good spots to make nests for my cyborg birds and helipads. I'll put a few snipers on the cliffs, theres a big lake in the middle so we gotta scout around it. Since the enemy has advanced sea units we gotta defend from there, so ill build some quick vulcan towers from scouters that come out of the water.

I build a few refineries close by tiberium and a deepsea pearl diver for the big money, with some navy seals to protect it.

Big vehicles are coming along the sides, i build heavy canons and tanks to stop them. I didnt notice mass infantry that are climbing out of tunnels right behind my base. Shit shit shit, building infs and vulcans. My snipers are killed. Luckily i have some birds, they make it hard for the infs. Im gaining control. The vehicles are now making a breakthrough. I have to attack now while defending. I make the birds scout and attack powerplants. He's been building inside of cliffs and underwater. Time for a sensor array. I gotta expand cuz my tiberium is running out, in the water is not an option for me since my house is weak under water. I gotta build Eagles, fast aircrafts that can in dive in and out of water using Sonic weapon. He's auto attacking with waypoints to avoid my defenses with mass infs, im Building units that collapses caves to prevent sub attacks while im towerdefending is auto attacks. Im being heavily attack by a super railgun thats in a cliff on their side. He's been harvesting pearls like crazy. My birds are dead by sams, but i killed everything under water. Time to destroy his sub/cliff base. He killed my MCV and have no money, i gotta send everything now, sell my towers and build Cliff destroyers. During the game, a little icon appeared saying we found 2  VR players that offered themself available as a special unit to be buildable, we declined.I build carryalls to send all my vehicles quickly. Some vehicles can shoot during flight. A warning appeared: Unknown unit detected. We both made a voxel in 'quick voxel creator' and enabled the option to build this ingame with the right tech. Its a personal creation from each player, including weapons and abbility. He sold almost all his buildings to create this massive mammoth creature.  Shit, we agreed upon it having superweapons. IT RUNS SUPER FAST And Eats all my units taaah. His infs in my base are killing me too. Im dead. That was fun.



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3 Factions:
The standard for RTS.  Two factions is a bit skimpy, while every CnC game with subfactions has been a balance nightmare.

CnC3/RA3 UI:
By far the best UI Design.

Generals and Later Fog of War System:
Brought the game into the modern RTS era.  No more one and done scouting.

RA3 Soviet Build System:
Fixes almost all the problems present with the MCV build model.  No more pop up defenses.  MCV/Turret pushing becomes much harder to do.  Scouting is more practical since you can see whats building.

CnC3 Health MCVs:
Lets stay away from the Monster Truck MCVs in RA3.  MCV moves should be viable, but risky.  The CnC3 version is really good at this, being viable to move around, but vulnerable while doing so.

Kane's Wrath Eco Model:
By far my favorite Eco model in a CnC game.  Most of the CnC offerings either have no buildup time on bases (RA3, Generals) or have harvesters with more health than Mammoths. (RA2 and below)  The KW version requires you to make choices about whether to spend your starting cash on building an eco or trying to rush and crush theirs.  

Harvesters built from Refineries:
Keeps the game from being too Warfactory centric.  Building Harvesters from Refineries allows openers like Dual Barracks to be viable.

Only 2 CnC games have used upgrades, Generals and CnC3.  Only CnC3 did them well.  They need to be part of the game.  They are an important way to gate certain units or keep early game units relevant as the game goes on.

Support Powers:
The one clicks need to be heavily controlled.  While support abilities can add a layer of complexity and control to the game, watching your army get clicked off the screen isn't fun or engaging.  Superweapons excluded.

Unique Superweapons:
Use Generals as the baseline here.  All 3 Superweapons are good in their own way without being carbon copies of one another.  If they can diversify the Scud from the Nuke, all the better.  The Topol in Rise of the Reds is a good example of a 3rd Superweapon design that fits themantically with GLA.

Generals Style Commandos:
CnC Generals had by far the best commandos.  They were a powerful tool you wanted as soon as they became available.  Being the only Stealthed commando is a big reason for their improved viability, but it also comes down to the design of the Commandos themselves.  Whether by design or accident, the Generals commandos excel at things their faction traditionally does not.  Lotus is a backline harasser in a brute force faction, Kell is a frontline hitter in a harass faction, and Burton is a generalist in a faction full of Specialists.  Being good at things the faction isn't good at gave the player a new dynamic to work with without sacrificing the factions design.

A Rotating Map Pool:
Every CnC that has been left to its own devices has devolved into a 1 map game.  New maps help keep the game fresh and prevent people from becoming too complacent in the meta.

Things I DON'T want to see:
* Husks: discourage attacking since any failed attack is basically GG after they get recovered.
* Secondary Eco: Encourages turtling.  Put enough bases on the map and force players to be out and about.
* Epics: become way too much of a focal point for the game and push out T3 Tanks.
* Fireports: too much concentrated DPS.  Push out everything else.
* Underground: stealth is good enough without adding (near) invulnerability.
* Mind Control: In every game I've played that had this ability, it either ended up being completely broken or completely useless.  The mechanic has too much potential power to ever be truly balanced.
* Naval: none of the RA games have managed to integrate it well into the game.  Its always a tertiary build path.  RA3 tried hard to make it work with naval expansions and units that moved on both land and sea, but even there it doesn't really work out.

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