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Hot key left units right book mark right base left......


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Like if you use teams or bookmarks but the units or the bookmark is the opposite side of the screen to where your key board key is?


So lets say you have team 1  that's on the left of your keyboard but the team of units itself might be on the right side of your screen, like wise team 2 might be to the left of the screen but that's further right on your keyboard.

Does that not mess with your brain?

Same goes for bookmarks you may start on the right side of the screen with your mcv and use a book mark on the right side of your keyboard for war factory but then when you start on the left side of the screen you still have to use the bookmark on the right of your keyboard for the war factory even though its now on the left.


Does anyone else find this a problem?

How did you get over  it?

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