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AoW3 instead of Rivals


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I am one for trying out new RTS.

Since Rivals was such an issue here. And most suggested to have something more like C&C instead then the wreckage we all saw. I came across Art of War 3.

This RTS game for mobile phone's is very, very close to what people like to call RTS.

Sure there are pay to win features. But with good tactics. About half of those pay to win players, still bite the dust to someone like me.
The bad side of these kind of games are nerved so greatly, that the good sides not only show up. But make the game worthwhile enough for any one who likes to give it a try.

Unlike Rivals, AoW3 has the following:

- Proper RPS, Infantry, vehicles, special vehicles, air, sea. Each type has 3 units. There are 4 defence buildings, from which one is IN the water. And walls are great too, but only for stopping/funneling enemies for like 10 seconds. 10 seconds, that is more than enough to prepare defences in the right angle.

- Multipurpose units; mine laying/mine sweeping, taking cover/detection of cover, siege mode/deploying, land/air/sea.

- Nerved income; first supply is 100%, second is less, 70%, third is 49% etc. Having 6 of these is the norm, until you upgrade them. Then 7 or 8 is also useful.

- Single player campaign. 50 missions for Red/Rebellion, 50 missions for Blue/Confederation. This is going to be expanded in the future.

O well, I know that some of you guys like to hate and hate to like mobile apps. But those who seek proper RTS qualities. AoW3 is it. It isn't a tower defence, it isn't mmo but pvp instead. You build up a base, scout the map and opponent. And you change tactics/strategy accordingly.

That all! which Rivals has not!

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  • 2 months later...

I have a little update on this RTS game for mobile phone's.

For a better and faster head start. Click the following link:

Your account will be linked to mine. And I can easily help you with questions. Also, I can advice you what to do and what not. I believe there was another little bonus for new players that use a link.

Now that I have gained experience with the game. I can tell you more about it.

You begin with a chaotic introduction mission. Don't worry about losing here.
The first 6 missions are all teaching missions. Later on, you still get some lessons. But only when a new introduced unit is added to your army.
You can play like 30 missions or so, before PvP starts to be demanded by the game. But no worries there, your first opponent is an AI.
To gain even more stars from your single player missions. You can play them on hard as well. Just to get a bit more of a challenge. And often even requiring you to use a different strategy.

You can choose from 2 factions:
- Rebellion; They resemble NOD. Faster in general, but weaker. They need to get map control and set up traps of any kind. Also, they have various stealth technique's. Let's say, they excel at speed and range.
- Confederation; They resemble GDI. They camp more until they do their push.They excel at damage and armour.

For now, I will only tell about the infantry.

Rebellion infantry can hide in the forests. They can also shoot from the forests. If you have something else for vision. These forces are very deadly and can turn the tides.
Confederation cannot hide in the forests. But they make up with better weapons and armour. They even have infantry that can see a bit into the forests.

The infantry:
- Rifle man; $34. Are ridiculous fast. They can hide in the forests. They have a rifle and can throw stealth grenades. The stealth grenade reduces accuracy of the opponent. Even if it is a big ass cannon. That means that there are a couple of them in any tier. They can shoot at slow air as well with their rifle.
- Assault; $40. Are a heavier counter part. Compared to the Rifle man. Again a rifle of about the same strength. But these assault throw a grenade instead of a stealth grenade. It is a bit more damage to any infantry. And a little bit against weak vehicles and weak structures. They can shoot slow air as well with their rifle.
- Grenadier; $40. And they shoot grenades. This means that the grenade is about 2 to 3 times stronger against any armoured target. When you have enough of these, they can even deal with small groups of infantry. These are also the only infantry that can deal with bunkers and an army of Zeus (heaviest tank in the game).
- Heavy Assault; $45. The well known Rocket Soldier. They are even less effective against infantry than the Grenadier. But these can shoot slow air as well. Making them the best infantry unit against slow air targets.
- Sniper; $64, 2CP. They take 2 command points from your army. But it is worth it. These are excellent for taking out all the above infantry. Especially the Heavy Assault. They can shoot slow air as well. And if the opponent doesn't notice this right away. Even Snipers can take out air. On a fun note, their range can be sufficient to take out bunkers from a safe spot.
- Fire Assault; $50. This infantry uses a flamethrower. It is exceptional at dealing with infantry in close range. It can also see into the forests. But to get close, it uses a jetpack. And during flight, only splash damage from weapons that can hit air will do some damage. In other words, snipers and grenadiers can't do much against these Fire Assaults.

Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link:

I've heard that it is also possible to play this game on the pc through an emulator. Details are possible to be found on YouTube or something.

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The vehicles:

- Coyote; $70, 2CP. These are like the buggies of NOD. They aren't faster then the first 2 primary infantry; Rifle man and Assault. Nor do they do much damage against infantry. But they are relatively cheap and a different type of armour. Meaning that they are the primary counter against the primary infantry. They can shoot slow air as well.
- Fortress; $140, 3CP. These are like APC's with a flamethrower squad inside. Of course they aren't APC's. But the secondary weapon can find and fry Rebellion infantry in the forests. Unlike the APC from C&C3. This unit doesn't lay mines, it detects them instead. And removes the mines accordingly. They can shoot slow air as well with their rifle.
- Armadillo; $120, 3CP. This bad boy is like the... I don't know. This is the most versatile unit in the game. It is relatively effective against infantry, vehicles AND slow air. It shoots like a quad cannon. But even more important: It can lay 3 different kind of mines. The first mine is an all rounder for only $10. The second mine is effective against infantry for only $10. And the third mine cost $20, but infantry can walk over it, while tanks take twice the damage. While this all rounder is effective in the early phase of the game. Upgrades on armour by the Confederation are able to reduce the damage to an all time low. There are instances that Bunkers have more armour than 1 projectile of the Armadillo in damage, simply resulting in the Armadillo a waste of money. In that case, have like 2 to 4 to lay out mine fields.
- Hammer; $130, 2CP. This is the basic tank with a cannon. Notice how it only takes up 2CP. This means that you can do a blitzkrieg when you saved up enough of these. Lately, Confederation players use these tanks for a run and gun on the base. Completely ignoring, or running away from, the Rebellion army.
- Jaguar; $220, 4CP. The heavy tank of the Rebellion. Yet weaker than the Zeus. It can deploy like the Tick Tank. The armour goes down by just a little in contrary to the Tick Tank. But it doubles the damage. This tank does the most damage of all "normal" vehicles once deployed. Despite it's function being that like the Tick Tank, it kinda looks like the Devastator from Dune2000.
- Zeus; $240, 4CP. The heavy tank of the Confederation. It has a rail gun for a cannon and twin rocket launchers. You might have guessed it, this one resembles the Mammoth Tank. Only to have 1 cannon instead of 2. The rockets can hit slow air. The rail gun does a lot of damage. But the reload is slow. The movement is also slow. It has high durability. But let it face grenadiers, and it will bite the dust eventually.


Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link:

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Special Vehicles: Are build with the Special Vehicles Factory.

- Porcupine; $180, 3CP. This is the unit for the Rebellion that can hit all 3 air units. While being mediocre against slow air. It makes up for it by it's long range AA missiles. The missiles are also homing, so they hunt down enemy jets. All the way back to their base. Besides of the AA missiles, the Porcupine also has a machine gun, effective against infantry. Making it the heaviest ground unit for that purpose. Keep these units moving when air units come in. They are often targeted first for strategic purposes.
- Typhoon; $150, 2CP. If this unit costs only 2CP, you know there is a catch. And there is! This unit can hit air and only air. Just like the Porcupine. The bonus to this unit is that it works the same as the Jaguar from the Rebellion. Deploy this unit, and it does twice the damage, making it relatively more effective than a porcupine. It is a decent unit, but can't dodge. I repeat, it can't dodge when deployed.
- Mammoth; $240, 4CP. NOD Artillery. Enough said. Also, range is 14. This is important to know. You can order the Mammoth to attack a structure, or ground, in the fog. It will automatically deploy at the right distance. Once deployed, it will start attacking. If you however don't want the Mammoth to attack just yet when you targeted the ground, simply give the don't move command during deploying. 2 Shots each salvo, also important to know if you are timing your shots on targets. To spot Torrents, have 1 infantry unit go ahead. And remember the position of those Torrents. Your artillery can make quick work of them if the Confederation Commander is slow in noticing the treat.
- Torrent; $250. 4CP. GDI MRLS. But then as an Artillery. Like how it always was meant to be. It has only a range of 10. But it shoots 6 rockets. While the range is only 10. It makes up for the massive damage. Most Confederation players simply attack with Torrents and immediately pack up after launching the rockets to keep the Torrent mobile. Also to make sure that enemy Mammoths can't kill them.
- Chameleon; $400, 5CP. Mobile Stealth Generator. However, you see a cloud, so the enemy still knows where you are. And several units can force fire on the ground. Which includes the Zeus and Torrents. Still, the Chameleon is useful when facing defence buildings. Those can't fire at all, nor can you force fire with them.
- Energy Shield; $400, 5CP. The laughing stock of the game. It is supposed to enhance the armour of all units. However, just like the Chameleon, it is clumsy to use. The benefit of this unit doesn't weigh up to the costs. The Chameleon on the other hand does!

I guess that the last 2 special units are a classic case of healing versus bloodlust. This time, both are protective. But the stealth cloud covers 100%, while the shield cloud only doubles the armour. Some units have a high amount of armour, like the Zeus. But the shield itself is a primary target either way. Targeting the Chameleon in the cloud is a guessing game. I have yet to see the Energy Shield, being used by Confederation players. But almost every Rebellion player uses the Chameleon asap. Again, a classic example of healing versus bloodlust.

Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link:

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I have learned that upgrades are very important...IF...you want to become one of the big shots.

New players will be able to reach level 10 asap. But then hit a brick wall. This is the wall of "pay to win".
The difference with this game compared to other games is that you can also "wait to win".

But the best part is that you can "wait to win".
Be in a clan, and watch that 30 second video every day, just to get 4 times your daily income.
Open up a bit of tech and money through single player.
Upgrade this to a maximum for your level as you go.
Don't play pvp at all.
But play all those training matches instead.

The possibility to have training matches is what makes this mobile game better than any other mobile game. You can play the game for free. And after a while, you can level up a bit through pvp and continue to upgrade.
What I see is level 5 people, beating the crap out of level 10 to 15 people. We even have a trophy room in my clan for that.

Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link:

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Sea units, build with a shipyard:

- Caiman; $80, 2CP. The Caiman is like its 2 brothers from land. The Coyote as a ship. Thus a machine gun that can hit ground AND slow air. It is effective against the weakest armor types. But the mine laying ability is from the Armadillo. The mines cost 20. But do massive damage to ships.
- Delta; $150, 2CP. The Delta is an amphibious unit. It is build in the sea, but can drive on land. It is like a more expensive Armadillo, but without the mine laying ability. The positive part is that it only takes 2CP each. Thus saving up a lot of these units is possible for a massive strike. Just like how the Hammer works. Just like the Armadillo, it can hit slow air. And just like the Fortress, it can remove mines.
- Alligator; $320, 5CP. A heavy tank in the water. But with a missile launcher that can take down any type of air. This bad boy has a range of only 6. But with a certain boost can reach up to 9. It is the best ship to take down an HQ if you see the chance.
- Viking; $320, 5CP. This ship is the same as the Alligator. But it misses anti air capabilities. Instead, it uses torpedo's for extra damage in the water. Making it stronger than the Alligator. It can also detect the Baracuda.
- Baracuda; $400, 6CP. This is a submarine. It shoots torpedo's, just like the Viking. But is not meant for that kind of combat. It can be detected by the Viking, but also by the Cyclone. That is the first tier air unit of the confederation. The Viking can shoot upon detection. And any other unit in the vicinity that has explosive weapons can help. The Baracuda is very slow and unused by the Rebellion. It's main purpose is to shoot with artillery missiles, from a range of 12 (15 with boost), inland or sea. It is supposed to be a surprise attack. But the costs in CP makes it very unlikely that the enemy doesn't notice something fishy is going on. The damage as well is not that great. It is more an unit to have the confederation occupied by annoyance for 10 to 60 seconds. Target factories that are upgrades to have it cost efficient. Also, attack in any other way at the moment the Baracuda is attacking. This is the only ship that can take down sea defences from afar. Like an artillery in sea. A fleet has often only 1 Baracuda.
- Poseidon; $380, 6CP. The Poseidon is not a stealthy unit. It works the same as the Baracuda. Instead of torpedo's, it has a sam as well for targeting any air unit, not only the slow. The range for inland combat is 11(14 with boost). This difference of 1 compared to the Baracuda counts in a 1 on 1 combat. But also when targeting HQ that are slightly more of the coast. There are rare occasions where a boost is needed to remain out of range. While the Baracuda doesn't need this. A fleet has often 2 to 3 Poseidons. Due to the fact that they can hit air.

Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link:

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It is easy to get this game on your pc as well.

Further more, I have been uploading some video's about the game. So if you are curious what kind of strategies are played. Take a look. I am strong in the start ups for most games. But since I level up from time to time. I too will be showing more in the future.

Episode 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdOTH1HrQhE&t=177s

The other 5 episodes can be seen by going to my channel. The very first was recorded without commentary on purpose.

Remember, to get the game on your phone, click this link:

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