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  1. I played 3 RA2 games online, I sucked with all factions. So here is some general information instead: A balance can be created by having 2 imbalances cancel each other out. Give and take. If early game belongs to the sovjets and late game to the allieds. Then all causes need to be changed.
  2. Whilest doing some editing stuff on a video regarding KKnD. I noticed that the intro video for mission 7: resque the prisoners. An explosion is used. And I immediately went on Youtube to find the same explosion used in C&C td. Suffice to say, they did change the size and colour a bit. But one can clearly see the exact same animation going on. Milliseconds change a lot. But I am sure the geeks here will see what I mean
  3. And now for something completely different:
  4. Have a Youtube battle for crying out loud. The both of you play 10+ matches. And post the same match (obvioulsy with your point of view) on Youtube. Date and time should be in the title, so viewers can compare. Mike can help you setting this up
  5. They are. The rest complain and have fantasy battle's with someone who didn't even played last year. All bark, no bite. Just keep uploading video's of them. Give them the hard proof. That is...if they even play with you.
  6. Who smashed me? When did it happen? Why are you claiming something like that? You think others would simply believe your rambling? Do you know what you are saying? On what are you basing these fantasies of your? Why are you seeking help from the "smarter" guys? Looks like, you have a problem? Looks like, you are upset? You mad bro?
  7. You are making assumptions based on your own incompetence. Flaming doesn't make your post better. You are constantly in contradiction. Claiming what someone said isn't of use. Read the posts again. If you feel that I am talking down on you. Maybe you feel you deserve it?
  8. So now you are claiming Lovehandles is now exclusively doing this. yet steals work of others. yet has to be on the job.
  9. Go to the first post. Who started this topic? You don't want to include him, yet you DO want him to be included. That is what you have been saying so far. Your actions seem to indicate that.
  10. If you dislike it so much...Simply don't join a game where they play the mod? Also, I respect White and Ferret a lot. They where very communicative in the past.
  11. The discussion is heading into the following direction: I'll let you guys figure out who is who in this one
  12. As long as you make that mistake...he will too.
  13. Which mouse? The computer mouse? Or that other one who has been gnagging on the electrical cords? Also the bugs... what bugs? The hornet nest that is being accumulated close to the ventilator of the pc? Or would the red ants be a problem that are biting the butts of those who sat in them? Blaming Macedonians and Russians is something weak to do. Although I do understand if one would like to blame the troll that is hiding under the stair case to occasionally switch off the pc (also seen by other players as a sudden disconnect). Blaming the farmers, o wow, I can relate to that. These farmers should stop making fields right next to me in the living room. I don't need potatoes or cabbage. I just want to play the game FFS. I don't understand blaming the allies. They existed around WW2. But not now... right? What is it in their interest to ruin a game that we play? It makes no sense at all...do they feel unneeded atm? They seek attention? Yeah, I am a hot guy. Get over it! Don't blame me. I don't blame myself either I guess I could blame the post office then... No need for additional toilet paper anyway. I let it dry when others cry
  14. Here ya go lads: https://www.kapwing.com/explore/pouring-gas-on-fire-meme-maker Enjoy!
  15. lol, zerg.... I like this topic. I see a lot of cool stuff here.
  16. I just wonder what an RA2 guy is looking for in a tiberian sun topic?? https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aP73ezq_460svvp9.webm
  17. Any chance on doing one on Voice Rythm? I like the Act on Instict that you made.
  18. All is fair, in love and war - a proverb attributed to John Lyly's Euphues History is written by the victors - Winston Churchill What is history, but a fable agreed upon? - Napoleon P*ck off XeM - Many of my opponents, no matter if they win or loose GG X3M - If the streamer doesn't want to loose face in front of their public O god no!! Not X3M again! - If my "5k subscribers" opponent once again catches me in his stream Come and drink some beer - Dad
  19. The "may" part, is what gets me waiting another 3 years.
  20. A brown laser is possible. But I wonder about a dark/black laser
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