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Ore Field Re Growth?

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Can someway explain to me how the re growth of the ore field actually works? Like is the growth a constant fixed rate.....or does it increase with the amount of ore already in the field? For example is it worth it to let the field expand abit before mining it again to maximise the ore growth? 

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from personal experience, letting the ore field regrow a bit before mining is the best way. When an ore regrows in an empty square, it actually isn't worth anything yet until it has grown at least 1 'layer'.

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I know if you stagger how you harvest on tiberium dawn (think a chess board harvest only the black spots) you can grow your own tiberium faster , im pretty sure its the same on ra1.


Im pretty sure the longer you wait and the more you "stagger" how you harvist the more money you will get over all. Harvisting too soon gets you more money now but much less long term. So you have to guage how much of a threat you are under before you decide how to harvest.


Good question!

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