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[6] Sedona Pass Balanced


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Each Position has 2 oils instead of 1 oil and 1 extra tech building.


New Units


Chrono Tank (Germany , T3, replaces Tank Destroyer)


Technical  (Cuba, T2, replaces Terrorist)


Soviet Spy (Soviet, T3)


Balance Changes

Soviet changes

     *Added Spy (T3)

     *Cuba has new unit which can hold 3 passengers, they can shoot outside. It's very fragile though, similiar to the Technical from CNC Generals (Terrorist replaced)


Ally changes

     *Patriot Missile has slower Ägais shots (so it's finally useful against mass rocketeer, but hopefully not imba, time will tell)

     *weakened Ägais dmg a littlebit

     *pillbox has now an anti tank cannon, but reduced hitpoints (to be a littlebit better prepared against soviet rushes)

     *Blackhawk makes more dmg against infantry (needs two shots for 1 soldier, so you can catch ivan if he tries to flee over sea f.e.)

     *France Grand Cannon has build limit of 3

     *Germany has a new unit - the chronotank. It has missles similiar to the original and needs time to reload them. They have a build limit of  3       (Tank Destroyer replaced)


Yuri changes

     *Virus is T3

     *Mastermind has very high hitpoints now, but has a built limit of 1

     *Disks can not drain and are a little weaker

     *Mind control range a little decreased


DOWNLOAD [6] sedona pass balanced.map


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