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Which of cn2mc's maps is most suitable for ranked 1v1 matches?


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I know Whites maps pretty well im not so familiar with cn2mc's, I know some of the main ones but hes made others that haven't circulated that ive only ever seen on the forum or on a thread from years ago. If you could only pick one of his maps to use for a fair ranked match which would it be?  

Do you guys think Ruby ridge is the best 1v1 map that cn2mc has produced?

cn2mc what do you think is your top contender for a ranked1v1 map is? Since no one knows your maps better than you? (will start spreading it more)

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I personally think ruby ridge is better for ranked games than twin peaks because twin peaks has that tiberium in the way that punishes troop users if only a little and stops the early base creeping meta. It looks very pretty on twin peaks but I think its not so great for players that want to use the whole skill set ie troops base creeping along with everything else in the early game










He may also have maps ive never seen before which is why I ask, like this beauty ,that would make for a great fair 1v1.



I noticed also he likes to create a particular way of playing for these maps for instance he likes to not stop base creeping but delay it as an offensive weapon,  so you cant just creep to the opponents base with your base very easily and start fighting that way (like on GA) is there a reason why you want to delay offensive base creep to a later game thing, where higher tech like obelisks  is probably available? Or to limit it in some way?


also he likes to make the fighting areas smaller I always try to make them more open due to the ai clustering but its a nice feeling to fight among tree's villages  and lakes etc with less units, is there a reason the fighting areas are smaller and less open?



But anyway with my knowledge  levels I pick Ruby Ridge as cn2mcs best and fairest 1v1 map.

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