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Cannot Install Dune 2000 in Windows 10 Unsupported 16 bit application


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Hi, are you ready? It will take some work, but is doable.

I assume you have the English Dune 2000 version 1.
You will need to download:
- Universal Extractor. link
- Dune 2000 1.06 patch. link
- FunkyFresh adjusted DUNE2000.EXE link
- FunkyFresh Dune 2000 Config tool. link

Install the Universal Extractor (v1.6.1).
Run it and select the SETUP.Z archive from the CD at \DUNE2000\SETUP\
Change the extraction location to, for example, your standard games folder.
If asked, pick the i3comp extraction method and press OK. This should give 2 folder; API and DUNE
Go to the newly created DUNE\Data\ folder and paste from the CD these folders: MISSIONS, MUSIC and MOVIES
Now run d2k106us.exe (to update the game). You need to manually paste in the DUNE folder location to unzip to.
If you did it correctly the DUNE folder will now contain a D2KPATCH_README_106.TXT file.
Lastly paste the FunkyFresh files into the DUNE folder and overwrite the EXE file.

Start the Dune 2000 config tool and select a higher resolution if desired.
Fire up DUNE2000.EXE and enjoy the game!

Edited by D2k Sardaukar
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8 hours ago, CptBladd said:

Hey! Thank you for this tutorial, D2k Sardaukar, is there any way to disable FPS counter in-game, it really irks me and I can't seem to find a setting in the configuration tool.


I forgot to remove FPS counter and can't really update it right now since I still have to fix a bug first...

Anyways, you can get the latest renderer here without FPS counter as a workaround:



If you open the config program it will override it with the old one again though

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