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Most Boring Maps in each C&C Game and Why?


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Lets Discuss about the General Maps i mostly hate and find boring

C&C TD Mainly the maps That have too much Tiberium on them Leave Any GDI Player alone for a long time and They'll Wreck You with Mammoths in the long run

C&C Red Alert 1 Infinite Ore Maps Why Do NOOBS Love these maps so Much!? Teslas Tanks Choppers Turrets and Other things to constantly Spam Hurts my Hands the most Atleast on Standard Maps You need actual skill and Good Management on Everything

C&C Tiberian Sun Giants Conflict BBG and Visceroid Maps Mainly Too much Blossom Trees and Everyone Plays NOD! On those maps. :( Not that i hate Nod on this game.

C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Redzones! Boy these Garbage Maps Can last for Hours! Till i get bored And surrender Out of boredom. :( Rekool Is also another Big Noob Map Whats so fun with building everything so Crazy Fast? None. for me And just Maps that make Terrible Junk So Broken to use :S 


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