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  1. If I SPAM YURI BRUTES! VS THE AI THEIR PRISM TANKS! They will ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ Also If i spam an insane amount of Hungry Yuri Brutes! The Prism Tanks will struggle defeating them! Because the yuri brutes! Are Extremely Overpowered! And the human player would quit the game. If facing a big amount of Hungry Yuri Brutes! So ill say it here YES! Yuri Brute spamming vs Prism Tanks IS ALWAYS WORTH IT! TO DO! ❤️ Since Mass Prism Tanks never! defeat my hungry yuri brutes!
  2. Yup Because Yuri Brutes! are Extremely Overpowered! ❤️ And once i spam too much! Of them! The AI their Prism Tanks will always! LOSE! As Yuri Brute. spammers! Are true game winners! ❤️ And once yuri brutes! Reach too high numbers! Prism Tanks! can never defeat them!
  3. Glad you said Infantry are alright! Because! on YR! When you face Allies Players. Spamming Prism Tanks! The Yuri Player. SHOULD ALWAYS SPAM! 2000! YURI BRUTES! VS THEIR PRISM TANKS! TO WIN! As ill always keep saying the true facts! That Yuri Brutes! are always Extremely Overpowered! Vs everything They face! And that They are Never! Useless! Or Expensive! And that they are an amazing unit to spam in this game! too ❤️ So every Yuri Player. SHOULD ALWAYS SPAM! YURI BRUTES! Even against Mass Prism Tanks! To win every game! :3 So nothing will ever! Win against my own! Hungry Yuri Brutes! As true yuri brute spammers! ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ As in this Photo Right here! I Got Infinite Amounts of money! And Yuri Brutes! And! I Defeated 250! Prism Tanks! That the AI player has! And my Hungry Yuri Brutes! came out Victorious! Because! Like i said! They are an amazing unit to spam! In this game! And they are Extremely Overpowered! Too! ❤️ So Hungry Yuri Brutes! will Never! Be Useless! Or Expensive! ❤️ :3
  4. I would safely. say Tank Destroyers. are Good vs AI. Only though. And for defense vs Tanks. As for spamming them against human players. Its definetly not worth doing at all. Btw Tank Destroyers. are still good vs BFs and Apocs. from AI As i spam Tank Destroyers. so much vs the AI That they would always LOSE! As i spam BFs full with GGi alongside them too. ❤️ They would still be good for defense vs Rhinos as Grizzly/Lasher Paper Tanks. arent good vs rhinos. Also Bryan Vahey did explain. why Tank Destroyers. got big issues. With True Facts. from me that plenty of other options do anti-tank roles. alot better than Tank Destroyers. Once you get enough BF with GGis tank destroyers. Cant do much.
  5. Yup and that is why i love spamming my favorite units. Vs the AI ❤️ As i did make 1 elite tank destroyer and have it obtain firepower upgrade From a Crate and it did 1 shot a terror drone. So if we could investigate. How much damage that gives 1 elite tank destroyer they would be WORTH IT! To spam vs Enemy tanks/vehicles. But because i spam tank destroyers vs the AI their! vehicles/tanks I would always WIN! ❤️ :3 I Even do Spam Yuri Brutes! vs the AI Their Prism Tanks! to WIN! Because i even made a topic Where i say that Yuri Brutes always WIN! Vs the AI their Prism Tanks. ❤️ As i spam tons of yuri brutes. And defeat everything the enemy throws at them
  6. But my favorite youtuber! If we want people to use Underpowered Units. more we gotta buff them. ❤️ For example. If one say played alot of matches. On Online. youll see that Alot of stuff people dont build/use need buffs. Afaik.
  7. Yup And the best Infantry in YR Are! YURI BRUTES! As i spam Tons of Yuri Brutes! vs Everything that i encounter! Because yuri brutes are an amazing unit! To spam in YR! And if the yuri player. Loads into a match Then That yuri player SHOULD SPAM 3000 YURI BRUTES! to win! As true Yuri Brute spammers. Always win games at YR. As yuri brutes are Extremely Overpowered! aswell ❤️ And with a cloning vats One can spam more of them too! ❤️ :3
  8. I Disagree completely with The Yuri Player! not having infinite money! Because! If they dont they can NEVER Spam Hungry Yuri Brutes! Endlessly. vs Prism Tanks! Also if the yuri player Cant or does not spam yuri brutes. With the infinite money they get They wont ever win.
  9. That is correct. That Yuri Brutes are faster than Prism Tanks. And Yuri Brutes. are also cheaper to make aswell Yuri Brute. price is 500$ and a prism tank is 1200$ And with a cloning vats You can spam alot of Yuri Brutes. cheaper! ❤️ And even use the Genetic Mutator. superweapon. On your own initiates. To spam Yuri Brutes. vs Prism Tanks. alot cheaper! ❤️ And yuri brutes! Are also more powerful! Than prism tanks. aswell ❤️ Because. once i spam too many Yuri Brutes. vs Prism Tanks. I will always WIN! ❤️ Wheter. its vs AI or Human Players.
  10. Then Dont kill 1000 Off my hungry yuri brutes! Because. once i SPAM TOO MANY HUNGRY YURI BRUTES! VS PRISM TANKS! The Prism Tanks would always lose! As my own Hungry ARNOLDS! Would be more stronger than Prism Tanks. ❤️ And Yuri Brutes. are also Extremely Overpowered! And an amazing unit! to spam! Aswell in this game! ❤️ So spamming Yuri Brutes. is always the answer to win in this game! ❤️ Wheter its vs AI or Human Players. My own Yuri Brutes! would always be Victorious! And 1 cute little prism tank Wont. ever win vs my Hungry Arnolds! ❤️ As i buff mine to be Very Tough! :3
  11. Atleast we all know That Hungry Mike. who spams Noob. Cyborgs. Wont win. if the enemy has too much Titans. a EMPulse and Tick Tanks and Artillery. Cyborg. spamming works only vs Noobs. Lol And if you have equal conditions. Where titans Tick Tanks Artillery or Disruptors have the exact same. Numbers. Then his cyborgs. Will never win. Especially because they are More vulnerable. to Anti-armour damage. ❤️ And like i said They would become. Obsolete when EMPed.
  12. Lol Mike Buddy dont you worry though Because whenever i lead my own Hungry. Reapers. they will always be victorious. Even against Pros./Noobs. ❤️
  13. Lol. Mike. you really gotta take lessons. from pros. Spamming Cyborgs Only will never win you any games. Haha.
  14. Glad. you said Yuri Brutes. are Useful Because on YR! When you face allies players. Spamming Prism Tanks. The Yuri Player should SPAM 1000 YURI BRUTES! VS THEIR PRISM TANKS! To win! As ill always say it right here and right now. Yuri Brutes! are an amazing unit! to spam in this game! And they are always Extremely Overpowered! against everything they face! So every yuri player. Should always spam yuri brutes. Even against mass prism tanks! To win every game! ❤️ As in this photo right here! The AI has 250 Prism Tanks! and myself infinite amounts of money and Yuri Brutes! And my hungry yuri brutes! Came out victorious! As they are an amazing unit! To spam in this game! And They are always Extremely Overpowered! Vs everything they face! ❤️ So hungry yuri brutes! Will never be useless! or expensive! ❤️
  15. If you have the option enable aftermath expansion Enabled. then yes you can build missile subs. They dont appear in the vanilla game. or Counterstrike Expansion. In some Aftermath Missions. you can construct those missile subs too.
  16. Yay. Your back again! Now this time im letting u know Spamming Yuri Brutes was never the Answer vs Prism Tanks. As that was a Joke Topic. Now here its time to see who defends the deployed/undeployed siege choppers vs Prism Tanks. Cause if you spam siege choppers. with a industrial plant builded. You can spam alot more siege choppers. than prism tanks. ❤️
  17. Lol first things first. Did you not know i made this topic Just for a laugh and to see who defends yuri brutes and who defends the prism tanks. Ill explain it here. Just to show you I Made this as a Joke Topic since! 1. I Already know yuri brutes are not worth spamming in certain situations. Since they are too fragile and even a single desolator can melt dozens of Yuri Brutes. Instantly. 2. Yuri Brutes. arent able to handle everything. on their own. Compared to their Mental Omega Counterpart who has 375HP In the vanilla game they only got 200 So even prism tanks mirages desolators Seals and Tanya along with snipers/virus can handle Yuri Brutes easily here. 3. Against the AI You can always win spamming Yuri Brutes. against them. ofcourse Cause they suck at handling them. 4. Yuri Brutes are expensive. 500$ Your better off getting them with the cloning vats. and making initiates and mutate them into Yuri Brutes instead. 5. Prism Tanks would always win against many things in Mass Numbers. Ofcourse Yuri Brutes. wont be able to reach them when they are in a massive group. 6. Spamming Yuri Brutes. vs Human Players is always asking for you to LOSE! the game. If they are Iraq or Allies they would deploy a Desolator Man. or a few Seals/Sniper IFVs. To handle the Yuri Brutes ❤️ 7. That was about it. So yeah OFCOURSE I DO KNOW YURI BRUTES LOSE VS PRISM TANKS! As this is only a Joke Topic. Its not meant to say or act like Yuri Brutes are great against everything. So do please read it. And for the one final time. I dont mind if you do PVP or vs AI As i always spam yuri brutes just for fun against the AI. Btw you probably forgot to read my other messages.
  18. I Disagree. completely with your opinions Because! No matter how many Yuri Brutes! I spam! The AI Their Prism Tanks will LOSE! As Yuri Brutes! Are an amazing unit to spam in this game! ❤️ No matter how much Prism Tanks one is gonna spam The Yuri Brutes! will come out Victorious! As Yuri Brutes! Are Very Overpowered! against Everything they face! So yes My hungry yuri brutes! Will prevail Over everything that the enemy throws at them. But anyways you can have your opinions But i disagree with it completely. As Prism Tanks alone. Can lose vs Mass Deployed Siege Choppers too. ❤️ Edit. You never train Yuri Brutes. you simply Just mass Initiates and then use the Genetic Mutator to get Yuri Brutes. cheaper :3
  19. If You spam! Yuri Brutes! vs the AI Their Prism Tanks. You will always WIN! ❤️ Also if i spam Yuri Brutes. like crazy Its gonna be difficult for Prism Tanks to defeat them! You might probably Be new to this Topic. But i did mention I spam! Yuri Brutes with Initiates and a cloning vats With Mutating them into Yuri Brutes with a Genetic Mutator. That way you save tons of money. And you can happily Spam Tons of Yuri Brutes. vs all the Prism Tanks One will encounter. ❤️
  20. Yup And that is why i love spamming Yuri Brutes vs Prism Tanks. ❤️ Massing Initiates with a cloning vats and Using Genetic Mutator on them Makes spamming Yuri Brutes alot cheaper. ❤️ Make almost no good anti-infantry Options and Yuri Brute spammers. Are sure to smash anything dead. If they dont face Desolators Seals Tanya or Rocketeers Snipers/Virus Mass Prism Tanks from a human player. But If i would spam Yuri Brutes. vs the AI Their Prism Tanks. i would always WIN! ❤️
  21. I still disagree. Though Id depends. on how many prism tanks The allies player spams. And You can just Get Yuri Brutes cheaper with a Genetic Mutator. Almost nobody trains them. But against the AI Their Prism Tanks. you always win. spamming Yuri Brutes. against them. ❤️
  22. Not sure if your high or not But i completely disagree. with everything you said. heres why Flak Troopers great for anti-air Is dead wrong. It Needs a Radar. does less damage if its elite too. And is fairly fragile. Tesla Troopers. too expensive 500$ short-ranged. Low HP. Gets shredded easily by a deployed GI which is 200$ If at elite it outranges pillbox sentry gun battle bunker then they would be worth it. Crazy Ivans too low HP again. Gets easily beaten by anti-infantry fire. And is SLOW as HELL! Too. Not worth its 600$ price either. Robot Tanks. arent that amazing. Sure they are dirt cheap. But they cant even beat rhinos. 1 on 1 And it always needs its Robot Control Center Online. too. Only useful vs Yuri. Tank Destroyers. are garbage! At their anti-tank role. It cant 1 shot terror drones. And they barely survive vs rhino heavy tanks. Ofcourse it beats rhino 1 on 1 But mass them. Vs uncrushable infantry. To see how good they destroy them lol! A Brute can solo 5 tank destroyers And get running with elite rank. Also Their Turret cant rotate all the way. And they are useless vs infantry and buildings. Tesla Tanks. all in one?! Youll see. That in soviet matches Nobody chooses. Russia to crank them out. Try it vs rhinos and rhinos would Steamroll Tesla Tanks cheaper and faster. In superior numbers. They cant even outrange basic defenses either And they burn your credits quick too at 1200$ And they cant fire while moving either. Soviets. have other better options than Tesla Tanks aswell. Terrorists a nightmare?! My Good lord above! You probably dont know How awful they are. At killing stuff. Look at when they face a desolator or If they are bunched up ALL OF THEM EXPLODE! And they have such terrible. HP too. Which is why no one goes for Cuba. Demo Trucks. Are a joke 1 Harrier always 1 shot kills it And it can barely. Kill stuff. And its globally announced too When build and its 1500$ Just to blow on a Garbage Truck. which is a big waste of money. Even a single MBT which is 700$ grizzly/lasher rhino 900$ Can solo. it and win.
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