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  1. Terror Drones IC Deso Men. Sieges. Flak Tracks. You really cant rely and treat this game entirely like on RA1 with only tank spam. Also! It really depends. on the map + money too. ❤️ Let me also know @aWarNoob_sed0na Have you tried spamming different things. And won?! As i did many times! ❤️ with succesful control + unit combos too.
  2. I Will never lose Spamming Hungry Apocalypse Tanks. Because! No Matter how much im gonna spam! The AI Players WILL LOSE! ALWAYS! As Apocalypse Tanks! Are the best unit to spam in this game! ❤️ And no matter how much Apocalypse Tanks a human player Sees. They will always struggle defeating them! And Aswell as That the Human Player. would quit the game! If they are facing a Giant Amount! Of Hungry Apocalypse Tanks! ❤️ So Hungry Apocalypse Tanks! are never! useless! Or too expensive! When in used by my hands! ❤️
  3. You can spam Hungry Yuri Brutes! too if you love to ❤️ Just try it on survival maps And the Hungry Yuri Brutes! always win!
  4. Would be better though Aswell as give it more HP and better damage. along with letting it leave radiation behind when it explodes. Like how demo trucks. do that Also You can let crazy ivan strap bombs on 5 terrorists put them inside a flak track Go to any building and release them. That way it instantly explodes ❤️
  5. XD. I will always Spam Hungry ARNOLDS! Just to kill off the Weak Poor AI Players. ❤️ As its the most important thing. That everyone has fun in this game. And have a good time. too Otherwise. My Hungry Arnolds. are gonna show the bad people. A real lesson! Because Everyone. has their favorite Hungry Things. to spam! and use. aswell ❤️ As i will always have fun spamming Hungry Arnolds! Vs AI Players. survival maps. and so on.
  6. But If i spam My own Hungry Apocalypse Tanks they will ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ As it ofcourse depends. On the map. and resources. availible + The Factions the enemy has. As i always spam 250 Apocalypse Tanks Vs the poor weak AI Players to win As The 1000+ Hours i put into C&C RA2 YR Paid. off so well As i am a master of all the units the game has to offer! ❤️ So Hungry Soviet Players should give Apocalypse Tank spamming a shot. See if they can win or not vs PVP Matches ofcourse!
  7. XD. Allies and Soviets are the weakest. Its not too late! To join the powerful! Yuri Faction! ❤️ Join the Yuri Side! Or get eaten By My Hungry Yuri Brutes! ❤️
  8. But Almost everyone can agree. That Soviets. need a major overhaul. With their units. Especially the ones. Which are very worthless. In their current states. Flak Tracks Rhinos Sieges ICs. Desos should stay the same. But Really Buff. the stuff That is very Underused. Like Crazy Ivans. Both versions. Need to gain Promotions. If they destroy enough stuff. As Nobodys gonna train units. And kill stuff If they gain no promotions doing so. But anyways @XMaDTanKX aka T-90 And @Ezer_2000 Which Buffs would you give to soviets. to make them better? ❤️
  9. But Noobs. will always remain Noobs. ❤️ That is why if someone masters. their faction. Well they can do some good wins with them But would Hungry Spies Be even a good option for sovs? Or just too OP? As then noobs. can happily spam vet rhinos ❤️
  10. Yeah. thats true and as Sov Main. that i am It sucks my favorite faction. Is so limited with options. Even if you gave apocalypse tanks. Many tweaks. Its still gonna be useless. No matter what Atleast Flak is still awesome for air defence. purpose. But everyone should always spam rhinos.
  11. I Will say it Loud and Clear! That sovs ARE THE WEAKEST FACTION!. If supers are OFF. And if they dont play Iraq. They have too much stuff Which is entirely obsolete. or too situational to use. Look at apoc tanks Nobodys gonna build them at all. If facing any of the 3 factions. Even in mirrors. They get skipped completely! So YES! If you can play sovs. well they can do decent But clearly the better faction?! NO! As Only Iraq is their best country And they only got Rhinos Flak Desos Industrial Plant IC Sieges. to make em good. The Point of Sovs. is that WITHOUT Rhinos. They absolutely get destroyed. As Sieges are only viable If a map gets a terrain/cliffs advantage to them. Apoc Tanks Just suck on so many parts Like i said. that it isnt even worth buying. At all.
  12. Yeah some Hungry. People. forgot to read the title. And if all what your gonna spam is rhino heavy tanks vs GGIs. GL. Feeding them elite ones for free. ❤️
  13. 😮 Yuri. is always broken and OP In the right hands. Imo. Look at Tank Bunkers. They are far too tanky. And setup a good defense with gattling tanks. in them Superweapons. Genetic Mutator. Always. gives Yuri infinite money at some maps. All what he needs. to do is camp Till resources are low Then constantly farm Brutes. and Grind them for cash And Bio Reactors. are another big part 10 Iniaties and 2 Bio Reactors give out so much power. For little space. 😮 Even i banned Yuri From maps. With a Tech Airport/Garrison Buildings. which are plentiful. As its downright impossible to break Initiate garrisons If you dont use artilleries And Floating Discs and his Boomers are very OP. and Bulky with HP too.
  14. Hungry Yuri Brutes and Hungry Tesla Troopers. SHOULD! Be Buffed! they are supposed to counter vehicles. 😮 But in PvP They would be absolutely worthless If one makes his tanks run away Also Yes. flak trooper should be buffed. Like Make it availible with only a barracks that it does not need a Radar. and Fix the problem it has with elite rank Where it suffers less. damage At that rank Talking about the 3 Special Battle Lab units You mentioned. No they dont need to be buffed. Except both Ivans. where if they kill enough stuff They can get promotions! ❤️ Btw PSI-Commandos are broken If at elite + inside BFs! ❤️ EDIT. You Only really should get Hungry Yuri Brutes. with the Genetic Mutator. ❤️ Spamming them via barracks and even with clone lab Is too costly to do.
  15. ❤️ But If one is Yuri Should they spam Hungry Yuri Brutes? Or is It Impossible for the Hungry Yuri Brutes to win vs Human Players? It Ofcourse Depends. How much Hungry Yuri Brutes are spammed and what the enemy builds to counter them. ❤️ But is rhino heavy tank spam really gonna work, Vs the Infantry The Topic Guy mentioned? ❤️
  16. In Online. There would not really be any scenario. Where someone. Is gonna spam masses. Of Infantry. You might do it vs AI Sure. But on PvP Its a general waste of money. + Snipers/Virus Prisms. Sieges. Desos. would counter them well But If one would really try and counter Allies Infantry without Iraq Sieges. got some Good Armour and range if deployed ❤️
  17. XD. The Main issues with Soviets. is That Only Iraq. is their most Valueble and Useful Country. And on the vanilla game. If They got no supers/desos. Vs Allies. In late game. They would stand no chance. Off winning at all. With YR They still got. sieges industrial plant. Allies. Almost have all Countries. Have a strong unit. While Yuri is just broken. If they mass their death ball Right. and Own Supers. + Micro their things. right Its Just that only rhinos desos. flak sieges. dreads. Supers.Industrial Plant Is what soviets got To make em somewhat decent. Its Just. that Tesla Tanks are far too expensive short-ranged. And that demo trucks. and terrorists. Got really no use. At late-game. Apocs are also just a big useless tank That is just far too costly. And easily taken-over By Yuri MMs. Mags. and Kitted by BFs. with GGis. in them I Think sovs. can really need some changes adjusted To make em Better. In late game Without Supers. ON and No Iraq They wont get a chance.
  18. xd. All what People Should know about is That Hungry Yuri Brutes! ARE! Extremely Overpowered! When you spam 1000 Of them! 😛❤️ And That some Infantry are Very Underpowered. and that they need buffs.
  19. Its the best challenge to ever perform for Soviets. as Iraq is their only good option for Yuri with SWs. Off Because Yuri would have a Big Disadvantage with Supers. Off Since then He wont ever be able to Get Infinite Money from Hungry Yuri Brutes. + The Genetic Mutator Because Once. Allies Spams tons of Mirages/Prisms and BFs. The Useless Soviet Faction. Will not be able to win. ❤️ Especially Sniper IFV which counters Deso Men. easily. But if tables. turns. And the Useless Soviet Faction. Spams a sheer amount of siege choppers. With a terrain. advantage. Then they might win. ❤️ Either Way. Soviets. will not have it easy. In late game. But Industrial Plant is awesome.
  20. I know right. We gotta teach them to Own Poor Weak Soviet factions
  21. The Soviets are completely useless ❤️ When the supers are OFF. and When the Yuri or Allied Player prepares strong options. to handle the soviet units So They are almost completely out of options. Unless one uses Iraq cause Cuba Libya and Russia have Obsolete Country units ❤️
  22. Yup i 100% Am the best Spammer of Hungry Yuri Brutes! We all should Hail me! As the best user Of Hungry Yuri Brutes! Aswell ❤️ No Matter how many Hungry Yuri Brutes! I always spam. They wont ever! Be Useless or Expensive. ❤️ And for the critical part We all should Spam 3000! Hungry Yuri Brutes! On a big map! ❤️ And Vote for Rebalance Patch to make them Stronger! ❤️
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