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  1. Lol Mikey boy. I dont fight silly noobs. Like you though. Your already bad at C&C Getting owned. and raging so much. If i spam my favorite units. You would already lose 😮 and spamming kirovs would be a smart idea for you :3
  2. Haha. Thanks. for getting so pissed. Just because someone. teases. you a bit. Too bad you cant even take any bit of fun Pathetic Cute Noob. By the way Your still a long path of Becoming WingsOfRedemption. 2.0 Since you gotta Rage more Ban more. Simple.
  3. 😮 And if you have a soviet barracks and cloning vats And spam conscripts. With a Genetic Mutator One can spam Yuri Brutes. for a far cheaper option. As for Yuri Brutes at Mental Omega. They are a great option. to spam With Cloning Vats and if enemy lacks strong anti-infantry options. ❤️
  4. Lol you get so triggered. Just when a person replies back to u nicely Haha. I guess your always my favorite Noob. from now on But dont worry my funny little crybaby You will improve more When the Mike Rage is real
  5. You gotta ban anybody. If you spam Yuri Brutes Vs Prism Tanks. Then remember to ban them :3 Since any C&C Game. You play and if you decide to Spam Useless Units. vs OP. Units And then people defeat you. Then its okay to ban people. from your games. By the way I would love to see you turn into the Next WingsOfRedemption. Banning. anybody using the best counters to your Useless Unit. spam ❤️
  6. Late. Comment. Yes its a single use. 😃 And doing it again after using it grants another use.
  7. oh Man i would love to be happy to spam So much Yuri Brutes. vs Prism Tanks aswell Maybe if Yuri Brutes. got Buffed in health. Many would use em more. Even TS Cyborgs. are worth spamming as Anti-Infantry Option. compared to buggies wolverines
  8. Well i tried Spamming Yuri Brutes. vs Prism Tanks at a survival map. And the Prism Tanks. Won all the time. Now i know That Yuri Brutes. are very underpowered. :(
  9. Here. is another Suggestion. For C&C Remastered let me know if you want to see C&C Remastered. Remove the limit on Units/Buildings. Or Keep both having a Cap. Like on the original TD/RA1 Titles.
  10. As C&C Remastered. Is coming in a few weeks. Here is a suggestion. for it Let me hear your thoughts. on this Have the way how walls are build changed? Or remain the same as the originals? The way to change it is. Where you can build multiple Walls. Like how Tiberian Sun Increased. it. That way. It would make building walls. In C&C Remastered have atleast a purpose. :)
  11. Lets Discuss about the General Maps i mostly hate and find boring C&C TD Mainly the maps That have too much Tiberium on them Leave Any GDI Player alone for a long time and They'll Wreck You with Mammoths in the long run C&C Red Alert 1 Infinite Ore Maps Why Do NOOBS Love these maps so Much!? Teslas Tanks Choppers Turrets and Other things to constantly Spam Hurts my Hands the most Atleast on Standard Maps You need actual skill and Good Management on Everything C&C Tiberian Sun Giants Conflict BBG and Visceroid Maps Mainly Too much Blossom Trees and Everyone Plays NOD! On those maps. Not that i hate Nod on this game. C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Redzones! Boy these Garbage Maps Can last for Hours! Till i get bored And surrender Out of boredom. Rekool Is also another Big Noob Map Whats so fun with building everything so Crazy Fast? None. for me And just Maps that make Terrible Junk So Broken to use
  12. Quick Poll To vote on If Tech Levels Should make an appearance on Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Comments are Welcome.
  13. Just installed Tiberium Wars Kanes Wrath and Red Alert 3 on my PC again and i tried patching them to their latest patches But whenever i attempt to do it The game says Could not connect to EA I removed all 3 games again re-installed them And it still has not fixed the issue I disabled Firewall settings and some other stuff Which did still not help out :( So im stuck playing Tiberium Wars and Kanes Wrath Unpatched and as for Red Alert 3 it always gives me a black screen whenever i start that up :( And if i click to play online on TW or KW My PC Crashes Im using Windows 10 as my version and My Discs are the Standard Editions.
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