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  1. Tank Destroyers win easier Vs Sovs. if you say play on YR and have 2 Seal IFVs to handle the drones. On the vanilla game its not so easy using them Vs Sovs. But mixing them when supers are OFF with mirage/prism and IFVs is awesome. to do
  2. If you take good control with them Then Hell YES! Why?! because vs tanks they pack a pretty powerful punch Plus + spied war factory units Elite Ones are pretty great vs tanks ❤️ Plus mix 2 seal IFVs with them and drones go bye bye along with rhino tanks Just give em prisms too and IFVs and tank destroyer spammers always win!
  3. My Own Hungry Tank Destroyers! always work well. If i place them with prism tanks and alot of other great stuff Xd. I even made them counter rhinos/terror drones so well. With my own IFV Seals. which. handles the drones so great.
  4. But You should know Ravage that my own Hungry Yuri Brutes! always WIN! Against everything that they face! ❤️ Because! If i see someone spamming stuff! Then ill make sure my own Hungry Yuri Brutes! Beat them down! As mine would be Extremely Overpowered! Vs the Noob AI Players! Since you NEVER Spam Hungry Yuri Brutes! alone. You always use the mutator to get them. And me spamming Hungry Yuri Brutes! always works well. If the enemy ignores/does not kill them right away. ❤️ :3 So My own Hungry Yuri Brutes! always work as a counter to everything! They face. As i defeated 250 AI Prism Tanks. On one Photo with 250 Hungry Yuri Brutes! easily! ❤️
  5. ❤️ If were really gonna change all the weak/useless RA2 Units best list would be to do this TD Make it one shot terror drones so it can atleast counter. Them. Tesla Trooper and Tesla Tank Make them have extra attack range. And slightly more HP for the trooper. They are barely worth their cost. and uses. Crazy Ivan more speed + make its bombs do more damage. Demo Truck less expensive + Make its effect longer. Or more HP. Terrorist Give it alot more HP. and let it leave radiation behind if blowing up + Make it so when bunched up and if 1 dies they dont suffer so much. Yuri Brute. Give it more HP so people atleast use it for combat purpose. Desolators Seals/Tanya Prism Tanks Kill tons of them so fast. The money spend at brutes would be better into tanks
  6. Yup or even better send in IFVs Loaded. with seals and engineers to repair the tank destroyers and handle Terror Drones. XD. I even managed to make rhino tank spam Worser. and make Tank Destroyers win vs them As long as one does NOT! Spam only tank destroyers Mass it with prism tanks So TD can shield for the lighter Tier 3 vehicles. And youll be happy vs Mass Tanks. Once tank destroyers focus attacking those ❤️
  7. If I SPAM YURI BRUTES! VS THE AI THEIR PRISM TANKS! They will ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ Also If i spam an insane amount of Hungry Yuri Brutes! The Prism Tanks will struggle defeating them! Because the yuri brutes! Are Extremely Overpowered! And the human player would quit the game. If facing a big amount of Hungry Yuri Brutes! So ill say it here YES! Yuri Brute spamming vs Prism Tanks IS ALWAYS WORTH IT! TO DO! ❤️ Since Mass Prism Tanks never! defeat my hungry yuri brutes!
  8. Yup Because Yuri Brutes! are Extremely Overpowered! ❤️ And once i spam too much! Of them! The AI their Prism Tanks will always! LOSE! As Yuri Brute. spammers! Are true game winners! ❤️ And once yuri brutes! Reach too high numbers! Prism Tanks! can never defeat them!
  9. Glad you said Infantry are alright! Because! on YR! When you face Allies Players. Spamming Prism Tanks! The Yuri Player. SHOULD ALWAYS SPAM! 2000! YURI BRUTES! VS THEIR PRISM TANKS! TO WIN! As ill always keep saying the true facts! That Yuri Brutes! are always Extremely Overpowered! Vs everything They face! And that They are Never! Useless! Or Expensive! And that they are an amazing unit to spam in this game! too ❤️ So every Yuri Player. SHOULD ALWAYS SPAM! YURI BRUTES! Even against Mass Prism Tanks! To win every game! :3 So nothing will ever! Win against my own! Hungry Yuri Brutes! As true yuri brute spammers! ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ As in this Photo Right here! I Got Infinite Amounts of money! And Yuri Brutes! And! I Defeated 250! Prism Tanks! That the AI player has! And my Hungry Yuri Brutes! came out Victorious! Because! Like i said! They are an amazing unit to spam! In this game! And they are Extremely Overpowered! Too! ❤️ So Hungry Yuri Brutes! will Never! Be Useless! Or Expensive! ❤️ :3
  10. I would safely. say Tank Destroyers. are Good vs AI. Only though. And for defense vs Tanks. As for spamming them against human players. Its definetly not worth doing at all. Btw Tank Destroyers. are still good vs BFs and Apocs. from AI As i spam Tank Destroyers. so much vs the AI That they would always LOSE! As i spam BFs full with GGi alongside them too. ❤️ They would still be good for defense vs Rhinos as Grizzly/Lasher Paper Tanks. arent good vs rhinos. Also Bryan Vahey did explain. why Tank Destroyers. got big issues. With True Facts. from me that plenty of other options do anti-tank roles. alot better than Tank Destroyers. Once you get enough BF with GGis tank destroyers. Cant do much.
  11. Yup and that is why i love spamming my favorite units. Vs the AI ❤️ As i did make 1 elite tank destroyer and have it obtain firepower upgrade From a Crate and it did 1 shot a terror drone. So if we could investigate. How much damage that gives 1 elite tank destroyer they would be WORTH IT! To spam vs Enemy tanks/vehicles. But because i spam tank destroyers vs the AI their! vehicles/tanks I would always WIN! ❤️ :3 I Even do Spam Yuri Brutes! vs the AI Their Prism Tanks! to WIN! Because i even made a topic Where i say that Yuri Brutes always WIN! Vs the AI their Prism Tanks. ❤️ As i spam tons of yuri brutes. And defeat everything the enemy throws at them
  12. But my favorite youtuber! If we want people to use Underpowered Units. more we gotta buff them. ❤️ For example. If one say played alot of matches. On Online. youll see that Alot of stuff people dont build/use need buffs. Afaik.
  13. Yup And the best Infantry in YR Are! YURI BRUTES! As i spam Tons of Yuri Brutes! vs Everything that i encounter! Because yuri brutes are an amazing unit! To spam in YR! And if the yuri player. Loads into a match Then That yuri player SHOULD SPAM 3000 YURI BRUTES! to win! As true Yuri Brute spammers. Always win games at YR. As yuri brutes are Extremely Overpowered! aswell ❤️ And with a cloning vats One can spam more of them too! ❤️ :3
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