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What causes out of sync and how do I minimise it?


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This is single handily the most annoying glitch that ruins countless amounts of fun.

While it probably cant be stopped outright what causes it and how can we minimise the number of times it keeps happening?


1) Some people cause glitches on purpose this is a trolling method people use, I could name the people that do it but don't want to break the forum rules, so ban them for starts permanently, to teach them a lesson , its bad enough we are plagued with this glitch without trolls then adding to it and making it worse.   

a) Watch for patterns, what for players and how often glitches occur when they play

2) Turn off all programs and internet pages that are on in the back ground, this seems to help not sure if it does

3) Connect with people as close in location as possible?

4) Restart the game and even your pc if the OOS keep happening many times in a row



What else helps reduce them? Im worried that im causing them too and I seriously don't want that.


Can they be stopped by nyer or other top guys? Someone managed to make 6 player possible when b4 it always OOS failed?

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Somehow this was fixed, now I can play without out of syncs no problem. .

GGeneral must have a corrupt game he says, he caused the most out of syncs by far, he said he didn't realise it was him despite the non stop out of syncs hes been causing in my and other peoples games

Mike Pence uses it as a trolling method, or if he has to wait for people to finish a game he would rather cause an out of sync than wait etc or if uve just made a new map he will keep doing it on that map so you think its corrupt by mistake and so others will too, white he does this to your maps too so they don't catch on

Justme causes out of sync on 6 player games because hes using a wifi connection which isn't stable enough even if its fast. He still tries his luck at 6 player games despite it causing problems for everyone else . They rarely work when hes playing.


There are a few others that I suspect but its early days, not sure if this is breaking the forum rules but I think its good that people know the truth  rather than get  messed about.


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