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Maps to show im not just polluting cnc.net

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I can't really comment on the strategic depth or what-have-you of maps I haven't played. That goes for mine too. They're more of an experiment in space usage rather than complex tactics. There just isn't enough room in 6P maps to make them offer that many options to the players. But the little room you have you should use to try and make those forks in the road meaningful, equal for all players, but at the same time offering different outcomes for each player individually. The classic example is giving everybody two expansion routes, one shorter and safer but with less resources, the other longer and more dangerous but leading to a bigger field.

As for you map, I'd personally redesign the inner ring of boxes as they're simply too boxy or think of something else less bulky. Maybe slightly rotate the entire inner setup so players can choose between two ways towards the very middle. IDK. Experiment. It's not the Mona Lisa you're painting over. 


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