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Things that should be fixed in Remastered...


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Happy new year to all my fellow Red Alert friends!! I love RA, and never touched any other C&C game besides this one, and it all started on my Sony PSX, I had the multi-disc version of the game, C&C RA: Retaliation, that sky blue tint over the discs was pretty cool by the way. As a 6th grader I spend many hours playing skirmish's & campaign while skipping homework until I played a japanese bootleg of Winning Eleven 3 final version(got me hooked like crack) and by that time 128-bit systems were coming out and subsequently got hooked on MGS:2,GTA3 & Socom 2, but RA has always lived somewhere in lovely heart throughout all this years, lol. Not gonna lie I actually did try RA:3 on the game X360 and after 5 mniutes I gave up, however I feel I didn't really give it time. I guess I might of got discouraged a little bit seeing how much more modern RA3 played and looked over RA1, but oh well. Anyways enough of all that, this topic is to expose things that Petroglyph Games(Westwood Studios) should obviously CLEAN^ in the Remastered, as knownly the original version of the game has many bugs/glitches that would make the game UNPLAYABLE in Multiplayer. Thanks to CNCNet we can enjoy & appreciate C&C games in their possible form.

I will list things I would live to see taken care of, and would also like to hear what you the community would also like to see fixed/balanced in the UPDATED versions of Red Alert! (Can't actually believe I'm saying that, so happy for the remastered)

Gameplay : Building/Structure

Ability to rotate pieces, like maybe I want my barracks horizontal or my War Factory facing South(up) or Ore Factory facing to the ore to make route faster of the Ore Trucks.

Glitches/Bugs :


Balance : Allies & Soviets

Allies /

A.Artillery units have to have a bigger blast radius. They shred foot soldiers but absolutely can't drill a dent when pitted against tank armor.

B.Attack aircraft, it's just non-sense the Allies have none, the Yak would be ideal to have on the Allied as well, such as paratroopers but I understand the paratrooprs are more of a recon squad as Allies have the GPS satelite so need to scout with paratroopers, I get it, but give them Choppers or Yaks.

C.Cruisers, I think they have to be toned down in terms of firing range. Also them shooting into the water with force fire and taking out subs it's just absurb. I didn't know those cannons could act like blind torpedoes as well. 

D.Chronosphere, I love the idea, it's a great tool but there is no way an MCV should teleport in a pre-deployed state, it's a freaking base. Chrono should not be for structures.

E.GAP Generator, should consume more power.

Soviets /

A. Spies, Russians with no spies! Kidding me? lol. Soviet faction should also be able to infiltrate enemy base undetected.

B.Navy, Gunboats is at least fare to fight Destroyers, Cruisers & Gunboats... Sheesh, Gunboats are like Recon Boats, but as Soviets you have to use a transport to scout the sea, as the Subs have just adequate speed.

C.Teslas, should consume more Power, i'd say 50% more, the Base/Tesla Walkers would have to rethink strategy and actually build more Power Plants while building less Tesla Coils to the enemy gates. 


Just my 2 cents! 

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I do agree artillery should be improved, but not fare better against vehicles. They already do a ridiculous amount of damage, the issue is their range.

Soviets have planes, allies have boats. That's their main distinctions. Allies already have choppers (longbow), which are superior to the soviet counterparts in general. Soviets got the Missile sub in aftermath to compete with the cruiser as well.

Gaps in aftermath are already nerfed in durability, shroud refresh rate and power consumption.

Tesla Coil's are actually situationally good in hard-to-rush maps, in open maps they are much much weaker. As for basewalking, Tesla coils require a LOT of set up time. You have to build 9 MCVs to get them at an optimal rate, you are VERY prone to rushing as you cannot create tanks or war factories in this time frame. ALSO you can only do this well in maps with a near endless supply of money.


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1) Infinite money off, banned not allowed, that would solve the balance issues alot, if the infinite money is something people want then the game needs to be balanced for this directly because it wasn't designed with  infinite money in mind.

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On 1/3/2019 at 6:43 PM, chem said:

1) Infinite money off, banned not allowed, that would solve the balance issues alot, if the infinite money is something people want then the game needs to be balanced for this directly because it wasn't designed with  infinite money in mind.

nice shitpost, infinite money maps are custom made with rules.ini edits LOL.

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