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Tiberian Sun Head to Head Win 7 Over LAN - 64 bit - (SOLVED)


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I searched to see if this was addressed, I have found a solution.


I have abbreviated the instructions, but will go into detail if this has NOT already been solved by someone else.


1) Install and set up a "serial to ethernet connector" such as Etimas - http://www.eltima.com/products/serial-over-ethernet/


2) Open firewall ports to allow incoming access to the port you chose during s2e setup


3) Start up and select Null Modem multiplayer game.


Works like a charm, been playin since yesterday. Might work for other c&c games.



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Ohh, Myg and I used to do that with C&C1, on a tool called TCP-COM. Those experiments were in fact the beginning of what would eventually become the cncnet project.


Fun fact: It allowed us to play DOS C&C vs C&C95 (v1.04 anyway) :P

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