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3 Player Co-op For RA2 Allied Mission


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Name: Allied 3 Co-op Mission: The Last MCV


Defend the Allied Construction Yard until time out.


The Soviet has been destroy out base also Construction Yard. We have to get a data copy to make another one but Soviet realize we are doing like that so they going to attack us. Defend the Construction Yard until data copy work as well. GOOD LUCK!!


Player 1: Allied A 1 (Control Construction Yard and ruins camp & defense)

Player 2: Allied A 2 (Control Barrack Camp near Player 1)

Player 3: Allied A 3 (Control War Factory Camp on the top right screen)

Player 4 (AI): Soviet B 4 (Enemy Invasion)

Unit Count: 0

No Crate

No Short Game

No MCV Repacks (Because will fail mission)


Name: Allied 3 Co-op Mission: Enter The Wrong Way


Easy, destroy all Soviet Base!!!


We are going to attack Soviet Base because they have Nuke Silo and capture other place. They use for plan nuke strike on London City. Good Luck!!


Player 1: Allied A 1 

Player 2: Allied A 2 

Player 3: Allied A 3 

Player 4 (AI): Soviet B 4

Unit Count: 0

No Crate

No Short Game

*Update, Fix:

No SuperWeapons for mission Enter The Wrong Way

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