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With me trying to develop myself, and create a good future I think it’s time for me to say farewell, this isn’t to say I won’t come back and play in the long-term future. But after buying a new laptop, I just can’t afford to fall behind in my career or personal development. This is my goodbye post.

ive had a lot of ups and downs in my Ra2/yr career and my fair share of complete failures on big stages. Some consisting of Getting owned by moon3 5-0 infront of thousands of viewers.. and only training 2 out of the 7 days I had before hand is something I’ll always regret. Beating ico0’s yuri with my sov on heck in the CNCnet tournament with sharp decision making and tactical play, only to get owned by Marko in the next match with the crowd yelling for me to make one simple decision that would have made me fair much better, recorded for everyone to see again and again. Gaining 1000+ clan points by myself on xwis only for my teammates to lose In the last hours of the month for our clan not to reach hof.. the list goes on. I did have my fair share of accomplishments as well, I was once a top 5 Qmer on xwis. Was a part of an xwis clan that got the most points in history before they allowed you to win 5 times in a 24 hour period(even with the 5 win rule our record was never broken) I was lucky enough to have 3 top tier Clanning partners(main partners if you will, I have had many great partners)that helped me hone my skills and have a reputation of being a highly advanced 2v2er known for agile control of units and good decision making. These partners being Adam,Latof, and Brett. I’ve won 2v2 tournaments for money and was fortunate enough to play In many eras of this game, and be good enough to meet the top players of each one. I did my fair share for the yr community as well. Ive hosted and sponsored tournaments. Co-created the clan “tra1n” which at it’s peak maxed out the number of players in a clan with its priority being the training of noobs into pros, I was able to convince many pros to contribute. In the end I was never able to fully achieve what I had hoped for, but my greatest feats on this game were getting rank 1 2-man clans in all eras of this game, and a top 5 2 man clan with just us both being America, Being known as having fantastic tank control and micro, and getting a rank 3 in xwis QM. I will leave this game as a top 50 player, and an even better team player/strategist. U may see me pop up randomly If this game continue to survive, but it seems my devotion to this game has left me. I’ve met so many personalities on this game and spent most of my childhood playing YR instead of concentrating on school. So it will never leave me, but it’s just time for me to concentrate on my future.... until we meet again!


edit: I have a bunch of build orders/tactics/ for maps and factions if anyone is interested in my archive just send me a Pm

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