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I m back baby! (and have some explaning to do)


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Ever since about March if not earlier i fell out the loop and by May Minecraft had filled the gap that command and conquer once filled (as well as needed revision time :( )


Well here i am several months on with a poor exam results (but still being able to do what i want, still on Vista, have final gone mobile (with a decent phone), having lost a lot of files in several formats (as off next week never again) and having started a company with two others.


It was only recently when a friend wanted to play Tiberian Sun again and i natively came back to this site, i had always felt welcome here and i wanted to start posting again.


First of all the apologizes.

Tore -          I'm sorry for not posting any news or getting in touch with you about my inactivity.

Chad1233 -    I'm afraid its looking as if i have lost the gems and ore in a format. I have however started redoing the gems since they weren't that much work.

                                      Oh the subject of Beta

All BoB Fan's - I'm really sorry for keeping you guys in the dark and delaying the project.

I have decided however although i want to continue with the mod i have decided, since there is interest and to help promote this site im going to release as many of my beta graphics as possible.


Priority Projects.


I am currently making a game in java for my Advanced higher computing project so ill keep you guys posted on that.

Basically you have to guide a "caveman" through a maze and if i have time fight through dinosaurs


As i have mentioned I have started a company hosting Minecraft servers (as soon as the sites up it will be in my sig :P) and we hope to have both site up and hardware in the data-center in the next few months. So if your into Minecraft, in Europe and want a server your in luck :L)


Other Projects.


Well i have a Minecraft texture pack on the go

and I have several more amphibious projects which i guess i want to try to finish at some point

such as


translating Our Tiberian sun installer to German (the hard part) and editing "Die Ersten 10 Jahre" "Operation Tiberian sun: Feuersturm" to be compatible.


Completing my poor quality Generals mod.


And putting the final touches to my TS patch (i still have more bugs to fix)


Its good to be back.


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