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New C&C Show!


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In the anticipation of the up and coming release for the Remaster, a few of the top tier C&C95 players, modders and mappers have come together to bring you a new C&C show, much like a podcast that you can chill out and have a listen to. We're mostly focused on C&C95 (Tiberian Dawn) and it's remaster, but we're open to discussing other C&C games, too.

First episode, we discuss;

-Jim Vessella's questions to the community

-UI and extra additions to be added to the remaster

-New ideas for game modes

-The up and coming community (beta) balance test patch for Tiberian Dawn, which will be available through CnCNet

Feel free to ask questions below, and if you have any topics you'd like to see discussed, feel free to post them below!

Hope you enjoy the show!

We may yet change how we deliver the show, if we have it as a podcast, etc. So stick around and I'll keep you informed.


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