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Tiberian Sun sound problem

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Hello everyone. I have recently installed windows 10 home, as I switched from windows 8.1 and installed the game from Origin. Everything worked  great except the sound in game. It is a total silence in game only the movies have sound. After I saw that I installed the patch but it was the same. Then I found this site, uninstalled the game from Origin and installed it from here. Everything worked perfectly except the sound in game as before. I looked all over google the last two days, and found no solutions or anyone else having the same problem as me, so I reach out to you guys. I love C&C and play it from time to time almost 20 years now, but without any sound coming from the game …. it's really frustrating. I remember I had the same problem when I installed windows 8.1 the first time, but I forgot what fixed it because it was 4 years ago. Please help me with this annoying problem. 

PS: Right now I'm with the game installed from CnCnet.org

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