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CnCNet 3.0 is live!


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Ohai fellow commanders!


CnCNet 3.0 is now released in the Downloads section!


CnCNet v2 server will be shut down sooner or later, probably sooner, depending if there are any big bugs or blockers in 3.0. Testing by releasing is what the game industry does anyway!


This release of 3.0 is not the planned one I posted before, this is a step closer to it as it took longer than expected to develop. The web frontend will be called 3.5 once it is finished and it will be fully compatible with 3.0!


Major features of 3.0

* Seamless LAN compatibility, just works

* Supports more than one player behind a single ip

* Should have somewhat better NAT workaround for 1on1 games where the other end is behind a restrictive NAT

* Newly written and clean code base

* 100% compatible with other products, VPNs and normal LAN games

* Depends only on cnc-comm.com, no need for an external server


If you have any problems or bugs, joining the chat and talking to me directly gets these things solved faster than in the forums.


Note to players who are coming from v2: there is no welcome message anymore as it is not technically possible with the new setup, don't worry if you don't see it but there are players around!

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