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Can you play the single player mode with cncnet?


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In regards to this


it mentioned single player fixes for the CnCNet5_YR Launcher.

But how do you play singleplayer with it?

When I open it, there is no campaign or singleplayer option in the menu.


And yes I know I can play RA2 campaign with https://cncnet.org/red-resurrection but thats only the original RedAlert 2 Campaign, not the Yuri's Revenge one.


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The fixes were applied to your single player installation, not to the CnCNet client (which is just for multi player / skirmish).


You just have to start the game normally like you always did (not using the CnCNet client). That's probably done via shortcuts you already had on your desktop or in case you bought the game on origin you can also start the game from within origin.

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