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CnCNet 3.0 feedback time!


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I can pretty much sum the 3.0 aftermath to this helpful comment, it is not the first one:

[pre]< Connell> cncnet 3 sucks and is broken[/pre]To clear things up: no, it is not broken, it works in a different way. I'm now going to briefly explain the things people are wondering about.


I see players on the site but no one is in game

CnCNet 3.0 counts *all* players who used cncnet.exe to launch the game as being in-game. This means if you leave the LAN lobby and go do other things you are still counted as online if you don't restart without cncnet.exe. Don't do that, please.


But I really don't see anyone and there are like 5 people online!

The other case is someone doesn't have the port forwarded but launched the game anyway. What this means is if you connect *after* this person he will not show up in the lobby. 3.0 has a workaround that if you don't have a possibility to forward a port you must be the last one that connects for you to see anyone who actually has the port forwarded.



There is no welcome message anymore. Really.


In other news, ra95-hires will get an update for CnCNet 3.0 soon and there is a big change coming related to 3.5, stay tuned!

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when there is a way to connect/play without port forwarding, much more would play, because much have probs with it. Thats my feedback :D




Working on the next update of 3.0 that will allow that and will always work.

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