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  1. hmm i dont know if its a bug or u wanted it like that: the nod turret ballistic is set on High, tried to change it on rules.ini but it dont takes it over to my game anyhow :/
  2. 1st lets talk about the prize
  3. Ye i know but there is a player limit onto [2] on ger and frensch version the english version works fine
  4. Me and some others found yesterday a Player Limit bug: The ger and french multiplayer mode handles only 2 players, so if more players in a game you will get blackscreen. Greetz
  5. Ye he did but i wish guys too merry x-mas
  6. I wish your community and all the members merry christmas! Happy fragging Greetz
  7. http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=363.0 Greetz
  8. can you add the other colour shemes on multiplayer ? want to play grey or brown, the new CCConfig Setup is quite well, no more searching in the .ini files
  9. np m8 we will find and kill the bugs undead= rAiGa
  10. when there is a way to connect/play without port forwarding, much more would play, because much have probs with it. Thats my feedback Greetz
  11. i would say you have to find an other 'noob' and play with him games on T.S. this thread is good for it e.g. Greetz
  12. you need to make it 6P or it gives problems with the spawn points! But it looks good
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