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  1. Old but I didn't notice someone posted about my maps. Were they being used for anything? Or is this thread obsolete lol.
  2. I was working on one but I could never get the triggers that produced tanks or whatever down. I think I showed you almost a year ago now lol. Regardless, this map is great. I like the snow theater =)
  3. Oh hifi you handsome rogue.
  4. Info: Basically, I decided to put together 3 of my maps (including 1 new map) into a .rar file for a simple map pack (and convenience) . They're pretty much full size maps. Names: - scm43ea (Frostbite 6P) - scm44ea (Rib Cage 5P) - scm100ea (One Ridge Too Far 6P) Images: Frostbite Rib Cage One Ridge Too Far Download links: http://filesmelt.com/dl/Chubfish_Map_Pack.rar ...or use the attachment. Instructions for installation are in the readme! Notes: Any trees in the images that are in tiberium are tiberium trees (mostly). Also if you spot any errors with the third map tell me, since I haven't posted it here before Chubfish_Map_Pack.rar
  5. And that's what I meant, but I probably didn't mention it.
  6. This is helpful to me, considering I have a brother I'd like to play against, as well as various other family members. Seems simple enough, very well done!
  7. I probably never post but I will always remain. Good luck with the classes sgtmyers!
  8. Aha, I am looking forward to it, that is pretty nice!
  9. I seem to crash when placing anything like that on XCC so only if I'm careful I'll detail maps. Does it really crash this much?
  10. If you picture the map with structures, it will appear less bland. If it had too many trees/detail I don't think the size you could make your base would be very big for multiplayer (it would end up being too cluttered). Thanks for the feedback though.
  11. I love the snow theater, and because I don't see many multiplayer maps using it, I decided to make a 6 player one. Might be hard to see that blue outline around the edge, but it's there. This uses scm43ea. Download link: http://filesmelt.com/dl/scm43ea_frostbite.rar scm43ea_frostbite.rar
  12. I guess it's because I mapped for other games and it's screwed my brain. Changed.
  13. I thought there was a function you could use with the img tags like [imgwidth=x][/img], maybe it's just not on these forums. Nevermind Tore told me how to make it smaller using img tags.
  14. Would resize the image but I did make the map bigger than it was previously, like 12 units taller and 2 units wider, didn't think about what the img tags would do.
  15. I attempted to make a slightly symmetrical multiplayer map (boohoo) so here it is: The top spawn is a wildcard, and I guess you could use this for 2v2. Cliffs at the side might look pointless but it provides the bottom 2 spawns with cover (and a possibility to build a defensive structure in the cliff). The number this map uses is: scm44ea Download: http://filesmelt.com/dl/SCM44EA_RIB_CAGE_FINAL.rar UPDATE: - Made much, much bigger. - Added more cover in the form of cliffs. - More spaced out spawns, more tiberium. - Fixed Blossom trees not popping up. - Changed the map name to display as "Rib Cage (5P)" SCM44EA_RIB_CAGE_FINAL.rar
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