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OpenRA Red Alert 1 Survival Horror Map/Mod Purgatory


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Any of the pros played this crazy custom map before and got any tips? Using Red Alert 1 faction buildings and units you have to survive an ONSLAUGHT on monsters from Doom, Aliens, War of the World and C&C itself. It's impossible with 1 player as your AI allies are too stupid to survive so you need 3 buddies. But even then it's so friggin hard. We could beat the map on easy mode but on easy mode you don't get the cool alien crash landing and war of the worlds walkers. Reducing the spawn eggs down to one didn't seem to help either haha. I don't know how to contact the guy who made it so I can't ask him either lol!

Map link:

Map Video:

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Like I said over PM there is NO coding for this trick. I'm NOT using the insert code box either. I can't even access the bb or html code here.

I just embed the video on another site and then copy and paste the finished product over to here. Personally I use my wordpress blog but there are plenty of forums out there that support youtube embedding that you could edit an old post of yours and stick a video in it, then highlight with your mouse (the posted video, not the code) to copy and paste to here.

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