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  1. SCORE!! I found a Dune Civ2 mod!! I friggin knew there was one out there but just couldn't find it anywhere until now! Anyway big update as I widened my search to get help from more communities out there and had some AWESOME responses from people so many thanks to everyone who's contacted me publicly and privately! I'm also starting to look more at newer Civilization games (4-6) and finding some good stuff. Someone pointed out that I should include a The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim etc) section and gave me several Civ scenarios for it I'd never heard of! I'm a huge TES fan so how could I say no! People also gave me some Warcraft scenarios so yup, we've got a new Warcraft section on the list too, hell maybe I should look at Starcraft while I'm at it too lol! Note: Project links over in original CivFinatics thread (link in top post) as for some strange reason most forums don't like people coming in and posting 100s of offsite links lol. List updates... Civ2: - Have added PaulHeron's Babylon 5 Modpack scenario to the list. - Have added AltF18's Azeroth (Warcraft) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added EvilKnevil's Dune: The Battle for Arrakis scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added NathanDawson's Battle For Adoij (Star Wars) scenario that axx told me about to the list (I actually already host it myself on my Star Wars scenario ModDB page but forgot lol!). - Have added MarkusEklund's Death Star Attack (Star Wars) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added JoshAdams's The Battle of Endor (Star Wars) scenario to the list. - Have added JaredKoger's Dominion (Star Trek) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added DirkWeber's ID4 The day of the Borg (Star Trek) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added Academia's The Age of Númenor (LOTR) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added CarlFritz's Darklord (LOTR) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added GabrieleQuaglia's Angmar - War in Arnor (LOTR) scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added JoséMartinez's Señor de los Anillos (LOTR) scenario that ETTiNGRiNDER told me about to the list. - Have added Shelly's The Martian Scenario scenario that axx told me about to the list. - Have added John Ellis's Colonies III - The Struggle for Empire scenario to the list. Civ4: - Have added the Fallout: Tame The Waste Modpack (built from FR) that LonelyLurker told me about to the list. - Have added the Fury Road (Mad Max) Modpack that LonelyLurker told me about to the list. - Have managed to obtain Dale's Age of Discovery scenario missing download file (thanks Dale & Solver at WePlayCiv) and preserve it on CFC. - Modied existing mention of Firaxis Civ4 Colonization game to state that I'm giving it a seperate category in Colonization section (see below). Civ4Col: - Have added the We The People Modpack (built from R&R) to the list. - Have added the Religion And Revolution Modpack (built from TAC) to the list. - Have added the The Authentic Colonization Modpack to the list. - Have added the Colonization: 2071 Modpack to the list (in SMAC & Alien Col section). Civ5: - Have added The Elder Scrolls BNW Modpack that Gez told me about to the list. - Have added Spatzimaus's Alpha Centauri Modpack that Darsnan told me about to the list, however its download file is CURRENTLY MISSING so if anyone has it let me know and I'll put it on CFC! - Have added mention of Firaxis Civ Beyond Earth game to state that I'm giving it a seperate category in SMAC section (see below). CivBE: - Have added the Beyond Centauri (SMAC) Modpack that elektrizikekswerk told me about to the list. - Have added The Unity Project (SMAC) Modpack that elektrizikekswerk told me about to the list. Civ6: - Have added The Elder Scrolls Modpack that Gez told me about to the list. - Have added the A Civ of Ice and Fire (GoT) Modpack that Damien told me about to the list. FreeCiv: - Have added Azeroth scenario (not a total conversion scenario though) to the list. - Have added Mars Terraformed scenario (not a total conversion scenario though) to the list. - Have added The Americas scenario (not a total conversion scenario though) to the list. - Have added Caribbean Colonization 1634 scenario (not a total conversion scenario though) to the list. AlphaC: - Have added GeoModder's Mars Survivor scenario that Darsnan told me about to the list, however its download file is CURRENTLY MISSING so if anyone has it let me know and I'll put it on CFC! - Have added mention of the SMAC repository that Darsnan told me about in the SMAC like scenarios (even though I'm technically looking for SMAC themed Civ scenarios) section too. .
  2. Hey guys I’m on the Hunt for big Civilization game series total conversion mods & scenarios with a particular focus on Civ2 & Civ3 (but am now expanding to Civ4, 5, 6 & spinoffs) relating to a whole bunch of my favourite fantasy & scifi movie/TV/gaming franchises (including C&C, RA and Dune!). Been posting in a few different Civ forums and getting great feedback, plus whenever someone has told me about an awesome scenario that’s disappeared over the years I’ve managed to track it down and bring it back from the dead to CivFinatics or ModDB hosting, so helping me has helped the community. Hell in some rare cases I’ve even filled a gap by making the scenario myself haha! Anyway I figured it was finally time to hit some of the other communities out there for help too (since fans of Civ and these franchises are everywhere haha). Many have already been found so make sure you check my list in the link below BEFORE making suggestions to save yourself time & effort lol! https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/scenario-hunt-mars-alphac-c-c-ra-dune-mom-col-moo-doom-b5-strek-swars-sgate-homm.657805/ At this stage I’m looking for Civ scenarios relating to Mars Colonization, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Dune, Master of Magic, Sid Meier's Colonization, Master of Orion, Doom, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Fallout, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Elder Scrolls, Warcraft and Heroes of Might & Magic. If you can’t help me then maybe my list will still help you find something cool! .
  3. haha thanks but to mod Civ4 you gotta be a 3D artist and I've got no idea about that stuff. All my mod prjects are for 90s games as that was back when games were simpler meaning someone of my meager skills could actually do cool stuff lol
  4. Anyone else excited about Cyberpunk 2077s release? Being a retro gamer I don't even have a PC good enough to run the thing haha but nevertheless I've been drooling over all the videos CD Projekt Red have been releasing on youtube lately. Eg just look at the amazing views of the huge city in this one! Over the last few months they’ve been doing a really good behind the scenes series called ‘Night City Wire’ with heaps of amazing new gameplay footage. .
  5. Finally we now have our first trailer! Super exciting! Footage looks promising but need to see more to judge properly haha! .
  6. Hey guys, Back in the 90s I used to muck around with Doom 2 and Civilization 2 modding but never finished any of my projects, but in recent years I've been getting back into it (call it can early midlife crisis lol) and released a GZDoom enhanced version of my old Star Trek Doom level and also a new Quest for Glory IV - 3D Hexen mod too. Much to my surprise both got a lot of media attention with the QFG4-3D one in particular getting coverage on Rock Paper Shotgun and in PC Gamer Magazine which was awesome. The great response inspired me to also get back into my old Civilization 2 editing as well (also 20 years too late lol). Why am I posting about this here in a place full of my fellow Dune and C&C fans? Well after months working on a huge Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Civ2 scenario I decided to turn my attention over to one of my other favourite franchises for some more fun Civ2 scenarios, the Command & Conquer and Red Alert universe! I started coming up with some pretty crazy ideas for huge Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario where you’ll be battling it out in city streets between huge sky scrapers however despite learning a lot from working on the HoMM2 scenario I wasn’t quite game enough to start that just yet. I’d also been thinking about a dark and moody scenario set in the C&C Tiberium universe and noticed that a fellow named Wonx2150 had already made a scenario in that universe but just hadn’t really done any proper graphics for it so I decided to take the easier route and remaster his Command & Conquer Africa scenario first to build up more experience before taking on the big Red Alert 2 scenario. I created a ModDB page for the project with dev diaries covering stages of development. Figured I’d post them here too so here’s the first two! Stay tuned for dev diaries for the Red Alert 2 scenario here in the future too! In this first dev diary I look at changing Civ2’s terrain and cities to look like C&C2 as well as importing some cool new units. C&C Dev Diary 01 – New terrain & units for the Civilization 2 – Command & Conquer Scenario: https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-command-conquer-scenario/news/new-terrain-units In the second dev diary I ask for some fan input and finish off importing all the new C&C unit graphics. C&C Dev Diary 02 – Finishing all terrain & units for the Civilization 2 – Command & Conquer Scenario: https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-command-conquer-scenario/news/finishing-all-terrain-units
  7. Have you guys seen these yet? god it looks cool.. please be good please be good please be good https://imgur.com/gallery/oJLKbrg I think they're taken from this Vanity fair article which has a couple more pics and some info https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/04/a-first-look-at-timothee-chalamet-in-dune
  8. I joined years ago but forgot to post in the welcome thread haha! I'm Blake. I run a C&C tribute website and Youtube Channel. I also have a Dune website and Youtube too. I play a lot of OpenRA these days, sometimes at LAN parties with my old mates. I enjoy keeping up with the C&C, RA and Dune modding scene and all the cool stuff fans make for the original games.
  9. Like I said over PM there is NO coding for this trick. I'm NOT using the insert code box either. I can't even access the bb or html code here. I just embed the video on another site and then copy and paste the finished product over to here. Personally I use my wordpress blog but there are plenty of forums out there that support youtube embedding that you could edit an old post of yours and stick a video in it, then highlight with your mouse (the posted video, not the code) to copy and paste to here.
  10. Any of the pros played this crazy custom map before and got any tips? Using Red Alert 1 faction buildings and units you have to survive an ONSLAUGHT on monsters from Doom, Aliens, War of the World and C&C itself. It's impossible with 1 player as your AI allies are too stupid to survive so you need 3 buddies. But even then it's so friggin hard. We could beat the map on easy mode but on easy mode you don't get the cool alien crash landing and war of the worlds walkers. Reducing the spawn eggs down to one didn't seem to help either haha. I don't know how to contact the guy who made it so I can't ask him either lol! Map link: https://resource.openra.net/maps/22579 Map Video:
  11. Saw your PM before I saw this so I answered there.
  12. Hey guys, Thought I'd show people something cool if they haven't seen it already. I'm sure everyone knows about OpenRA here. Some may even know about the 3rd Party Red Alert 2 mod for it that sadly went pretty much inactive over the last couple of years. Well now thankfully another team have taken over and are creating a new version of the RA2 mod called Romanov's Vengeance! Despite is not being officially released yet I managed to get my hands on a copy and try it with friends at a LAN party. None of us are very good players and very frustratingly my 2 recordings suffered OBS audio recording issues. I've dubbed in some of the sounds & music at the beginning to soften the blow but yeah.. big apologies especially to the RV devs for not showing off your mod is the best way possible! Nevertheless the games were pretty action packed and we had a ton of fun playing it. Really really good!!! Game 1 - Soviet OpenRA RA2 RV game on the cool naval Path Beyond map: Game 2 - Allied OpenRA RA2 RV game on the awesome Powder Keg island city map:
  13. Hey guys! :) I’m looking to engage the various Dune communities to help me build an ever improving list of Dune related games out there. Long story short, in 2014 I created a Dune Gaming section on my oldschool retro website paying tribute to the original Dune games along with the great many successful & sadly unsuccessful Dune related fan projects out there to make sure that they are never forgotten and can inspire talented Dune fans to create new Dune projects in the future. For that list I collected pics, vids, demos, and information for as many of the projects as possible. I could use some help from the community with this list as I'm sure there's more I don't know about. This is my latest summary of the website list below. Website: http://blakessanctum.x10.mx/Games/DuneGames/ (Note: Originally built in 2001 this website is still deliberately very late 90s early 2000s retro in design. So if you’re not nostalgic for old retro websites with music, animating gifs & left click browsing then you probably won’t like it) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dune Related Games & Mods list (Updated 2/1/2017) : Top Projects - Dune Wars - Total Conversion Mod for Civilization IV - Super Dune II Classic - Total Conversion Mod for Dune 2 - Dune Legacy - Dune II Remake - Dune II eXtended - TC Mod for Dune 2 (& Super Dune 2 Spin Off) - Dune Dynasty - Enhanced Dune II Reconstruction - OpenRA - Dune2k + C&C + Red Alert Remake - Dune II The Maker - Dune II Remake (From the maker of Arrakis) Other Cool Projects - Dune IV - Dune3 Sequel (Can't seem to find his Dune3 though?) - Dune II Online - Dune 2 Online Port - Dune II TBFA Online - Dune 2 Online Remake - Arrakis - Dune II Style Game (Went on to D2 The Maker) - Dune200XX - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 - Dune C&C3 - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 - Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - C&C Renegades Style Dune Game - Dune FPS Mod - A really cool Total Conversion Mod for Operation Flashpoint - Dune Raiders of Arrakis - Russian RPG TC Mod for Warcraft 3 - Dune Adventure Game - Point & Click Dune I Style Sequel - Emperor Chronicles: Rise of the Corrino Empire - Dune2k Addon - Dune II The Golden Path - Dune II Remake - Dune 2000 Grunt Mods: Rise of the Mercenaries - Dune2k Addon - OpenDUNE - Dune II Reconstruction - Planet Arrakis - Dune II Online Remake - Charge: Dune II Imitation - Java Based Multiplayer Dune - Dune: Evolution - Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 - Dune: War of the Spice - Dune Remake via Unreal 3 Engine - Dune Tribes - TC Mod for Starsiege Tribes - PredaN00b's Dune Mod - Total Conversion Mod for Starcraft II - Dune Clone - Dune II Remake - Dune 32: Strike Back - Dune3 Back 2 Desert Sequel - Dune 3: Back 2 Desert - Dune II Sequel (went on to Dune32) - Total Annihilation Dune - TC Mod for Total Annihilation - Dune Redux 3 - Dune2+C&C+TA Remake - Dune 2000 3D - 3D remake of Dune 2000, doesn’t look like it got far sadly - Dune Returns - TC Mod for Unreal Tournament 3 - Dune 3: Return of the Guild (Formerly Return to Arrakis) - Amiga Dune II Sequel - Dune War - Dune II Remake - OD2 - Dune II Remake - Neverwinter Nights Dune - TC Mod for Neverwinter Nights - Dune Desert Power - TC Mod for Battlefield 1942 - Dune 2000: Spice World - TC Mod for Warcraft 3 - Dune - C++ Dune RTS Remake If you have any cool demos, videos, and pictures that I don’t have for projects in my list please contact me. Also please let me know if there are there any other Dune related game/mod projects out there that I haven’t listed here. :)
  14. Thanks Tore. Sorry, I figured it was better asking here then creating a new annoying thread.
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