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  1. Yesterday
  2. sure you can. just take these keys and put them in you INI editor under edit→ini like so GASAND Crushable=no just avoid doing extensive modding via this ini editor, as you can break a map with a faulty ini input. maby even back up your map.
  3. Im looking for uncrushable sandbags yes, like in the first allied campaign in New York. But I don't necessary need them too be buildable for the player or the computer. But I guess you have too edit the map file or something and cant do it in the editor.
  4. Eh, I don't know and I don't really care. Probably not many times. As already demonstrated, and as you already actually agreed in one of your previous posts, tech steps > 0. Or do you mean just engineers walking on foot? Don't make me laugh. I don't presume anything, you obviously ARE dumb. Here's the proof: you asked why the GT is on tier 1 and the obelisk on 2. If you meant the AGT, I put that on tier 2 with the obelisk, which means you're still dumb, because you didn't see that and asked a stupid question. You are also dumb because, realistically, you have no say on what should be where in my system, you clearly can't even understand it.
  5. what do you mean by this? I can make a code of ini for sandbags are able to construct and uncrushable did you mean like this?
  6. guess its a restriction to campaign then.
  7. The map is updated new version.
  8. Thx, Holland :). The same goes for you! I doubt that i have an "positive" influence, but its just much more honest and real in TS and kind of friendly too. Tho sources say this heart at the end makes someone high in office uncomfartable (whos still Nr. 2 until the year 2020...) lol.
  9. Hahaha, Holland. Now i know, where you get your ideas for these very untypical and fun maps from! Well, i thought in a general discussion forum we could talk about off-topic things lol. Despite that, it has some parallels to Ts gaming: Me and Firestar vs 3 or me and Jaro vs 3. I won all 4 2vs3 games (now i am proud, xD [irony]). But seriously: I wont be great like Bach or Monteverdi, thats inpossible. These two saints, as you rightly call them, are too pro for me. Its like Zenetusken from TS together with Lovehandles from TD lol.
  10. Im doing it but it still don't work. The sandbags still belongs too the neutral player. But it works on buildings but just not the sandbags and walls.
  11. Hey. I have been working on final (4th) version of skirmish map [TIBERIUM DIVISION] for a while and I want to quickly share changes I made with you: - changed name from [TIBERIUM DIVISION] to Fields of Insurgency - files reduced, updated README.txt - the map was enlarged a bit for fairness - the map accessibility is now better - few bugs related to terrain fixed, so the map should be 100% stable - DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zdf99fl8q44bj7f/Fields+of+Insurgency+v4+(FINAL).zip - MAP MAKING OF THE MAP (available 22nd June) HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD4dwDyf8qs I honestly hope, this final version is bug-free and that you will enjoy it! Also feel free to share your thoughts and report bugs (if you find any). Have a good day.
  12. its a real simple trigger thats going to look exactly like this and then in the third one your going to put the house (singleplayer), or <player @> (multiplayer) or whatever that tag in ra2 is. im using finalTI but its all the same editor. then your going to have to attach that to every single sandbag.
  13. I don't think anyone is gonna answer this seriously bro lmao. Good classical music resonates with the eternal void which we are, thats why there is silence in the music. In music of the mind however, it is subject and object, form-based. These meastro's as you call them were clearly saints, and like any saint they bring a gift into this world. I don't see why they should fight lol. Perhaps the noobs should spec the maestro's. There are even great fighters who are so 1 with life, nobody can stop them. They fight with respect and humility, effecting the world and the cheering crowd and even the world without them knowing it. Its hard to keep this ontopic man, it has nothing to do with cnc. Lol. You can always compare bits of it with gaming but lol ima start talking fucking spiritual and shit if i dont look out. I think its against the rules to talk like that eventho i always wanna derail any topic to a topic about mindcontrol, chemtrails, and us appearing as finite entity's. Just cuz i see the delusion of the mind identified state, the little me. You wanna be great like Bach or Monteverdi? Then read the spaces between these letters and listen to the silence between their notes
  14. For some reason I don't get it too work. Could you maybe give me a step by step guide on how too do it. Would be much appreciated.
  15. Its cause lovely people like yourself have an influence, consciously or unconsciously. ❤️
  16. Many people say, the TS community would be hostile and selfish or even "toxic". But its the opposite: Ts players become more and more friendly, people respect each other, are honest (shit talk, anger) and think and play for their teammates. Regarding noobs, they kick them, because its not fair to the other players, but if possible, they let them spec or even take them in their team. Now compare that to TD or RA: The RA community is noobhostile, noone even talks, players are quiet, dont share anything with another and are selfish - except Cro Pro Bro of course... :D. And so many said the TD community would be better - but its even worse: They all run away from you, if you are good, hate you, dont respect you, even if you win 70 out of 75 games, they wont honor that and respect you, but downgrade you and make false explanations up to save their ego (Smt). They will pretend to be your friend and call your names, when they think you arent there (Speedy, Smt). You cant even play FFA anymore, because they brake any rule possible, team up against you all the time. And in 1vs1, if they lose, they cry, but if they win, they wont even consider real unbalance or unfairness of a map, even if you say it in the game. Then they dont care for their teammates in TD. Just do, what you like. 1 year ago it was much better, when Chem managed to make fun games for all with big crowds; but thats gone now too. Thats the reason, why TS is for the moment much more fun than TD (or RA). Just smooth games with people, who are ok, where you can lose a game without getting called names and win without getting punished for it.
  17. Lol? How many times did i force opponents to role back and give me time by sending (fake) apcs? Tech steps: 0, ease of use/cost effectiveness: Highest. = Best unit, atleast highest Tier :P. No, but its funny you always presume others are dumb. Fact is: I meant the "real" guard tower, not the little one. And an obelisk is much better than these towers. So obelisk should be higher wiithin your system, because of higher cost effectiveness. Yeah, i can understand that. We all have a certain taste and love for some units...
  18. You should read more carefully. I clearly defined "accessibility" as: A) The tech steps (in buildings) that are required to make the unit, so 0, 1 or 2 prerequisite buildings; B) The ease of use/cost-effectiveness/level of specialization of the unit. I bumped engineers up to tier 2 precisely because they're overspecialized. Sure, they can win you a game or give you an advantage over your opponent but they can't really save you in a fight and aren't useful for anything else but capturing buildings. They are completely useless in battle, while most of the other base tier units (save perhaps for rocket men and artillery) are generally very well-rounded in combat. I think you are confusing the regular guard tower that has a machine gun for the advanced guard tower, which I put next to the obelisk at tier 2, where it belongs. You might have a point about the stealth tank, that it should be at tier 3, but I put it at 2 because I believe it's also quite a versatile unit. Good for scouting, good for harassment, good for precision strikes on buildings, good as a force multiplier because of its high damage output... Its use is rarely viable in 1v1, but it's a great unit in team games and FFA.
  19. I believe the cncnet version of YR does not support the saved games feature. Sorry. You can use the original game without cncnet to do saved games.
  20. Like I said over PM there is NO coding for this trick. I'm NOT using the insert code box either. I can't even access the bb or html code here. I just embed the video on another site and then copy and paste the finished product over to here. Personally I use my wordpress blog but there are plenty of forums out there that support youtube embedding that you could edit an old post of yours and stick a video in it, then highlight with your mouse (the posted video, not the code) to copy and paste to here.
  21. i just fired up the editor and checked, pre-assigning houses to wall buildings works fine in single player. i also got it to work via trigger action, so try it out.
  22. Last week
  23. Okey thanks for your answer. But any idea how too do for singleplayer?
  24. i dont think thats possible. in multiplayer a player cant own pre-placed buildings, and sandbags are structures which are immediately converted to overlay on map load. you could try a trigger with event being the default fire immediately and action being change house→player house, and attach that to each and every sand bag building to see if for some dumb reason triggers are read and fired before buildings in map load, but they probably arent tbh.
  25. Does anyone know how to make the sandbags on your side in game. For example vehicles won't drive over them etc. Thanks.
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