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  1. In final version ore also grows, may be not so fast. In beta no ore mines. Yes, but it's hard to do, because units may just stop whenever they want.
  2. As far as I know, WS had all videos in DVD quality.
  3. Hey, look at this! I doctored, fabricated and faked subtitles in intro movie for Soviet campaign. I wonder, how I did it?! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3EJXxrS6s8p6MwU4A-Eq8dF_MiXpsjfA Ok, I tell you my secret: all this is done by my home bear. He's very smart and clever. I should feed him more. Tomorrow he is about to infiltrate Petroglyph to steal something good. Interestingly, what we can fabricate after that...
  4. I think you could contact some former stuff of WS, who worked on C&C: RA, and ask them about this version and how it may leaked from WS.
  5. In C&C: Red Alert vehicle named as "V2 Rocket" is a 9K52 "Luna-M" or "FROG-7" in NATO reported name. I suggest to improve the vehicle name or make it optional. Ingame vehicle model. "Luna-M" (FROG-7) – Soviet short-range artillery rocket system. V-2 – Nazi Germany long-range guided ballistic missile.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHmjApUgKzg 1. Soviet Barracks bug. Only in this Mission? I dunno. 2. Different map, different tech tree. 3. Radar Dome construction cells count like C&C:TD's Communication Center. 4. Mini-map mouse bugs, different ore color on mini-map. 5. Mission 5 starts with two MCV, like in Mission 5 CGI movie in retail version. 7. Game crushs after start of Soviet Missions 4 and 5, so you need to quick save game and load it after crush to play it. May be something else.
  7. And why you prefer that logo, not from intro movie?!
  8. This is logo from press kit, that date is unknown! Hm... May be not from press kit. Image looks like that logos just cuted from some ads – look at BG! Can you give any screen shot of game menu with that logo?!
  9. Why should I think otherwise? Now I live in a capitalistic country.
  10. I don't want to share it for free. Are you pulling my leg? It's just a mod, not beta. If you say so, but I do know this.
  11. Сan you attach official screenshot with that logo to your claim? Or it's just your own imaganiation?! Only RA2 beta has been leaked to net, but it's lost. And now I found C&C:RA1 beta on authentic disk.
  12. I don't need any proof from anybody, I'm sure it's original, authentic and legitimate. I wanted to find out if I found something undiscovered/rare or something ordinary, because I didn't look for CnC\WS scene for years. BTW, I solved problem with running it on Win7. New differences: Different sound of Tanya's pistols fire. Ranger named just "Jeep".
  13. EXEs dated 11 October 1996. MIXes dated 16 Junuary 1996.
  14. * few bugs; * differences in missions; * files, excluded from release version; * beta version of RAEd (official map editor); * no many movies and music, etc.; * no Windows XP and above support; * wrong readme file; * may be something else.
  15. Does you even knew about that?
  16. My suggestion: stretch main menu background, not custom image for each resolution. May be optional.
  17. In everyone! BTW, 640x400 not working.
  18. Look at selected objects.
  19. New position of contentbar (tiberium, personel) is annoying. It can be fixed?
  20. You forgot to say: "We are the Borg...". Don't judge me! You don't know what I gone through that year and half in real life. I will complete works on update and inform you.
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