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  1. I love the feeling I get when I visit this site after a long time, though I should really be more frequent XD. Man this site grew with me through college, and it's still better than ever! Sorry for the late wish but Happy Bday cnc-comm! Hope you'll be there with me through uni and beyond haha. P.S. Hi guys! Sup Tore & Nyer! I'm not sure you guys remember me, especially Nyer since I seldom asked about cnc stuff from him but come on Tore i'm counting on your good memory (I'm making an assumption not sure if your memory's good )
  2. can we just do a match lol I mean my opponent isnt even coming these days
  3. Ready up the time table cheese I wanna know who im up against
  4. C&C Name: FactorX Side: Nod Skill Level: lets see, I know how to use a tank, move infantry and make money. What else do you need? p.s Sup guys im back hi tore XD
  5. If anyone is a big fan of online red alert, do not like lag, and need a lobby usually full of red alert pros + a ladder system, i highly recommend you guys to join tunggle as through my experience, i believe it to be the best VPN i have ever gamed on. Why i prefer this over others (CNC-NET and ra3.03 online) is because, 1. It is more stable than both. 2. Cnc-Net has this problem where the farther you are from europe the laggier the game. Me being in pakistan stops me from playing on Cnc-Net and ra3.03 is just a bit unreliable for me. One more thing, i wanted to ask if any1 is interested, maybe we could try Command and conquer Gold on tunngle. If that runs on a good speed then i would be able to call in some cnc gold ppl and start gaming with them as i am dying to do so . (btw ive played with ppl in germany while me being pakistani and still the game remains lagless. I have seen some cnc-net videos in which there is minor lag in matches between people living really close-by. That would not be experienced on tunngle). Anyways this is all i have to say, now it is all up to you guys. I've just put the choice up so that i might get some players to play against. Hoping for some positive resoponses!
  6. Good to see a cnc community with a rational bunch of debaters
  7. Im not much of a facebook fan but i do have respect for my religion. Facebook has recently started a competition in which thousands of people will have to draw, what they think, our Holy Prophet(pbuh) looked like. Now Facebook has been banned all over Pakistan, but i don't know if that is enough. This kind of act is an insult to the whole muslim community. You are NOT allowed to draw the picture of the Holy Prophet(pbuh) because if this were so, people would take these pictures seriously and maybe this might be used to make him look like a horrible figure(God forbid) in some way, or many other reprucussions unimaginable. Dude i just need some opinions on this. Anyone here who is rational tell me if this is right or wrong with a yes or a no. Whichever answer you give please follow it up with your own opinion.
  8. I seriously have a lot against EA LA because of how they wrecked the story of command and conquer. I don't really know APOC well but the fact that you guys support him probably means he is not one to blame for the failiures of command and conquer, so i bid you farewell Apoc and hope that this 'replacement' you speak of will be able to take your place.
  9. yeah ask me if u need any help as well with the breifings.
  10. Lol ok then 1 last suggestion, pretty minute change but worth asking, whenever an aircraft (such as the chinook and orca move) they are not selectable while in air and i believe u cant even see them on radar. Can u change that smhow?? (I have the feeling this is one of those cant do things u were speaking of earlier though ).
  11. I have the best solution. Make 8-10 mig aircraft and first target his conyards. The attack would be unstoppable and made in about 10 min in the game. Second is to used the survivors to destroy all his armour producing structures (naval yard and war factories) if u keep at least 3-4 subs and some tanks to cver ure base and fields, uve got a sure victory. Oh yeah and if this doesnt work go for the tanya rush on conyard. According to what ure saying i think ure bro doesnt make a repair facility so for now this would be the best win strategy .
  12. your probably talking about the one with tiny islands surrounded by water and dirt bridges. Lol i used to ally with the ants so much that they would get all congested in my base. The sad thing was that when they had to move they ate my tanks that were in the way.
  13. I sorry if this is a bit too late a reply but revo if ud like i'd want to do a 1v1 against you in TS/FS. 1. Neither I nor you have each others email addresses. 2. You might not be free these days (being the late response and all that). Just want some good competition in the classics
  14. hey is it possible that u can put an ra1 type snow climate in cnc ? Cause the cnc snow climate aint as white as i want it to be:P! Also if u can maybe add more team colors that could be selected in multiplayer games (Like black, Light Blue, Purple, etc). Besides that are u planning to fix the multiplayer AI by making it able to make bases in skirmish(network) mode? That would be a big step for cnc.
  15. ok thanks have got it to work just got 1 more error... now i get a similar message when i try and save the game,i.e, my game gets stuck the moment i click save and the reference memory comes up. Any ideas? P.S sorry for the delayed response.
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