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  1. You can play it right now. Just head for the GitHub page and follow the instructions there. https://github.com/MustaphaTR/sole-survivor I've played a few rounds and it's a whole lot of fast-paced fun. My favorite mode is Capture the Flag. :) And here's a new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCuwMY33U7c (On a side note: A Sole Survivor mode for the upcoming Remasters would be nice.)
  2. My apologies for being absent for so long. Life hasn't been exactly kind recently. Also, I don't know for how long my laptop will be able to keep going. I'll probably have to get a new one. But once everything is sorted out, I'd be happy to help out again. I'm glad I was able to do so on 1.4.
  3. Hmmm... maybe something happened during download. I'll redownload the mod and see if it is fixes the issue. The map is Nod 2. Edit: I've redownloaded TDRX and the issue is still there. I've also had a look on the dropbox and it looks like the file "00_CCTDRDXART.tdr" is missing.
  4. I've just played a couple of missions and I'm impressed by the AI once again. On Nod 2, the AI even sent some engineers towards by base. But I've noticed something else: The Harvester is invisible for some reason.
  5. I've installed GenTool on my Zero Hour install and so far I haven't detected any incompatibility with TDR. I've noticed that the Black Hand's Harvester doesn't seem to have a GUI picture. It only has a purple placeholder. Luke1 and I still have to resolve some issues regarding C&COnline, so we decided to try it via GameRanger again. The same issue I reported when we first played TDR via GameRanger has resurfaced: The game reports that the joined player doesn't have any of the official maps. We tried it with and without GenTool and we tried deleting and re-extracting the TDR files. The issue is still there.
  6. Could still be a GameRanger or Origin issue. Tried using it thru Hamachi or C&C Online? Will do as soon a possible. I have a little suggestion: Maybe the "Force Enable Mod" option you also use the graphics options like "Start Tiberian Dawn Redux" and "Start Zero Hour" have.
  7. I've just stumbled across something: There are two files called 00_CCTDRDXINI.tdr and 00_CCTDRDXINI.big. Both files have the same size. It is supposed to be that way? Edit: Luke1 and I have done as SgtMyers88 instructed us to do: Delete all TDR-files and update Tiberian Dawn Redux. And we've just played another game of TDR via GameRanger and we haven't had any of the problems I reported earlier. The game has run fine for about five minutes, with some minor connection issues. After those five minutes, a mismatch has occured. However, my guess is that this has been Zero Hour's typical mismatch issue and that it hasn't been caused by TDR.
  8. The "Force Enable Mod" options seems to work fine. Luke1 and I have attempted to play TDR via GameRanger. We were able to enter the lobby and open a game. One time I was the host and another time he was. However, for some reason the game complained on both occasions that maps were missing so we couldn't play on official maps. However, it was possible to play on unofficial maps since they could be transferred. Right when the game started, a mismatch error occured and the game was aborted immediately. Luke1 has the Origin Version of Zero Hour ("The Ultimate Collection") and I have the "First Decade" one.
  9. Good news: The new TFD-DVD has arrived and I've reinstalled both Zero Hour and TDR. I've played a skirmish on Tiberium Gardens (Nod vs GDI easy AI) and I've noticed the following: -Gameplay was smooth most of the time with some occasional hiccups. However, the Harvesters slowed down the game from time to time (I had three of them) so I let them stop whatever they were doing or a few seconds to restore normal game speed. -After the destruction of the AI's Conyard, it kept building structures even without a Conyard or MCV. -Visceroids didn't attack other units. And after one of my infantry units turned into a Visceroid, it still revealed some of its surrounding shroud. But I must say that even the easy AI is an opponent not to be underestimated. I've made two savegames and one replay of said skirmish. Shall I sent them to you via PM? I'll download the new updates (including the batch file) in order to test them once they are uploaded. I'm looking forward to see if the workaround for the online clients and MP-gaming work.
  10. I have an idea: There are clients like GameRanger, with which you can play Zero Hour online. However, I don't think that GR lets you start the TDR launcher before starting ZH. So my idea is to implement an option to the TDR launcher which lets TDR be permanently activated even after closing the launcher. That way, TDR could then be played online via GameRanger and other clients. Vanilla Zero Hour could be restored via the "repair ZH" batch file afterwards.
  11. My new TDF DVD has arrived at my friends home and I'll probably have it by next week.
  12. Good news: Thanks to a friend, I'm getting a new legal copy of "The First Decade" soon.
  13. Sounds great. TDR has always been fun for me and with the latest development, I'm sure TDR will be even more fun.
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