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  1. Hello, I have a problem with the Red Alert 2 version of the CnCNET Client5 with Lan networking. The problem is I'm using a multiseat PC in which two players share the same hardware, but with two separate networking cards, monitors, mice, etc. The CnCNet 5 version for RA2 and other standalone mods is hardcoded in a way that the host player with always be hosting through the internal PC address This is a problem because the second player can't join from the same multiseat PC since the ports with are already in use by the host of that same PC. Having two separate networking cards and ip addresses for each user of the one PC doesn't help in this case. This also affects online multiplayer in a similar way. I know the number of people in the world playing C&C via multiseat computer is very small, but please, I request that some fix be made allow a local host to host from his ip address rather than the internal PC address, and could an option please be added to allow players to change their port number like what was possible in the previous version of the CnCNet client for tb, ra1, and c&c95?
  2. Hey richie86, did you ever find a solution to this problem?
  3. In regards to the C&C remastered: Has anyone had any success with the new LAN patch? (I mean Lan as in 2 or more people on the same local network not vpn.) I tried Lan with a buddy of mine and we came around a "bug" which caused the joining player to take the same player slot as the host. The Lan round can't be started because the "host start button" is grayed out until all joining players click "ready", but the joining player can't click "ready" because that button is greyed out for him as well. Any chance of side, color, or team with affect both players selections to be identical. If the joining player leaves the lan lobby, everyone including the host will be kicked to the main menu "by the host".
  4. Hi, just wanted to let y'all know that progress on the excellent World War 2 mod for C&C Generals ZH is somewhat stalled because the mod team is in need of beta testers. Is anyone here interested in helping with testing? You can join their Discord Group and let Novikolay know you are interested in helping. https://discord.gg/mFZVBuZ Things in need for testing are: - check game with bots - check for fixes - check the network game with other people (cooperation with other testers) - write bug reports Please note: the test version of the game is all in Russian (you can use the language file from the previous version, but new language changes in it will not be replaced until a new translation is made.
  5. Hello Gentlemen, I am interested in learning Red Alert 2 modding. I was wondering if any of y'all modders still use the Ares Dlls addon's. https://www.ares.strategy-x.com/ Would these addon's be compatible with the current version of Yuri's Revenge used by the CnCNet Client? Thank You Gentlemen, Noddynod443
  6. If you are referring to the ending song, I think it is called: "Destructible Times" https://cnc.fandom.com/wiki/Destructible_Times
  7. Hi Y'all here are those Funny C&C Videos made by Killerratte with my censoring addition so you can laugh without hearing an "ear full". Enjoy! Tiberium Catastrophe (Censored Edition) Tiberium Ecstasy (Censored Edition)
  8. Have any of y'all seen this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SQO3Ti4XeD8
  9. Well um... not quite sure what to look for in the list, but I found this: To tell you the whole story: I am using a multiseat software called "Aster" that with the addition of another monitor, keyboard, and mouse; turns one computer into two computers (or max of twelve). I have Three computers rigged up with this software to make a six player Lan party. Some games (such as Yuri's Revenge) can't have both "workstations/seats" of one computer networking through one network card. I tried in the past and one seat/half would be able to host; the other would get an error saying that the port was already in use. (which it was in use by the other half that was already hosting). So to fix this problem, I bought an some extra network cards for each computer (total of two network cards per computer) so I could assign a separate and different static ip address to each "station/seat". This fixed the "port already in use" problem for several other games. However, for Yuri's Revenge I now get this new error as I posted earlier. It can't be caused by the "both halves trying to talk through one port" problem that I had before, because each halve has it's own separate network card now. any thoughts please thank you Gentlemen, noddynod443
  10. I do not know sir. What would be the best way to look that up on my computer? Thank You for your reply. :)
  11. Could anybody help solve this problem please?
  12. Hello Gentlemen, After installing the Yuri's Revenge CnCNet update 4.26, I get this error when trying to create a game by LAN: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yuri's Revenge has crashed. Error message: The requested address is not valid in its context 127.0.01:1233 If the issue is repeatable, contact the YR staff -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did not have this problem in the past when trying to host a lan server to play with a few friends. Any ideas as how to fix this error please? Error Log: ClientCrashLog_26_1_2019_17_59.txt Thank You Gentlemen, Noddynod443
  13. Hello folks, I wanted to ask if anyone has any thoughts on a strange networking issue...My problem with C&C Red Alert 3 is centered around LAN networking. I recently bought a multiseat gaming software called "softxpand". Softxpand Link: http://miniframe.com Youtube "demonstration" Video: https://youtu.be/Z1OFJtXSWHU The Multiseat gaming software with the addition of an extra monitor, keyboard, and mouse; turns one computer into two or more "workstations"/virtual computers depending on how many GPUs and monitors you have. So two or more people can play from one computer. I have my desktop PC setup for two players... I have been testing several games; with red alert 3 LAN, I get a "same CD key error", which I understand the cause of that. So I got a second copy of Red Alert 3 from ebay and installed it to a separate location on the hard drive. The two "workstations" are now able to join to each other(LAN lobby) by LAN server; however the joining player( "player 2") can not click the "ready box" because it is "gray" not "selectible". Therefore "player 1" (the host) can't start the match... unless all the human players click that "ready box". Also "player 2" has the option to add/remove the A.I. players as the host (player 1) can do; however any such changes by player 2 (the joining player) only last for less than half a second before reverting back to the original set value... I believe the game "thinks" that the two players from the same computer are both the host of the "LAN server"... That would explain why the joining player (workstation 2) does not have the option to select the "ready box" and has the ability to make "host only" changes to the server/LAN lobby. I think some solutions to this networking problem could be: 1. Changing the gameport value for one of the two copies of Red Alert 3 so that both are not getting problems from trying to join through the same gameport. (Changing the gameport value of one of the "workstations" fixed LAN networking problems with CnCnet for Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert 1, Tiberian Sun; I just don't know how to change it for Red Alert 2 or 3) 2. Or maybe someone could make a fix/patch that bypass/overrides the need for all players to select the "ready box" therefore the host can start the match when ever he wants to. If Someone has an idea please help solve this problem. Thank You , Noddynod443
  14. Dear admins, I was able to change the gameport values of CnCNet for Tiberian Dawn , Red Alert 1 , and Tiberian Sun-(so that I could play C&C games on my PC that is using a multiseat gaming software called: softxpand)- by going to the option in CnCnet's game settings... However for Yuri's Revenge, there is a different "style" of CnCNet and it does not have an option in the settings to change the gameport. How do I change the gameport for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge to make it compatible with the multiseat software? Thank You, Noddynod443
  15. Hello Admins, Never mind... I fixed the problem of starting the yuri's revenge CnCNet client on both workstations by using SandBoxie; a program that you can use to startup a duplicate of the same application. SandBoxie link/info: https://www.sandboxie.com/ Now my only problem is how to change the game port of Yuri's Revenge. Help Please, noddynod443
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