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  1. But this is a LOADED TRANSPORT that automatically leaves the map after dropping off its passengers. I think it drops them off at the first point where it lands, and then the "leave the map" override takes over.

    Right, the Chinook cannot be manipulated after it unloads its cargo, although I believe you can set waypoints to the landing area. Apaches and Orcas, on the other hand, do behave strangely if waypoints are set (although I forgot what exactly is wrong :)).

  2. Also, I'm pretty sure you can't assign flight paths to helicopters.

    I think it's possible. At least, I remember doing so to prevent the choppers from flying right into enemy AA defenses that happened to be near the map side assigned to the player (as it is not possible to narrow down the area through which aerial reinforcements enter the map).

  3. I think you're right. I remember I tried testing the TimeQuake by setting its chance to 100% in rules.ini, but IIRC it did not work. I suppose this was v2.0, so it could have been that the logic was already recycled to be used as the MAD Tank weapon. I'm not sure about this though.

  4. Hmm... that T in the middle still isn't correct... and neither is its left-hand end. You clearly see that end is cut off at the top.

    I think that's because of the crops field image being right next to the road.


    Anyway, the map looks nice on the whole, but I think it's noticeable that some areas have concentrations of buildings, trees, cliffs and other doodads while other areas are almost completely devoid of any detail (like the down left corner). And you could at least place some snow patches in the areas where the bases will be, for some variety.

  5. In fact, you finish the mission no matter what building you destroy. But only one of them is actually the correct target.

    I've always wondered how they pulled it off. I believe it's the only such instance of alternate mission outcomes in the whole (Westwood's) C&C franchise (correct me if I'm wrong).

  6. Thanks :) There's more where they come from, showing the Atreides mission 8:


    An overview of the base in mid-construction, with the Starport about to receive the first cargo load:



    An early Harkonnen attack with infantry and light vehicles only:



    A more serious attack with a Devastator. Notice the Atreides Carryall bringing a repaired unit from the Repair Facility to the battleflied (using the "no ground exit" trick):



    Here the Harkonnens have mounted a heavy attack force with three Devastators:









  7. I've found quite a few Dune II screenshots on my PC and uploaded them in the gallery. Most of them were taken to show AI behavior when the team bug is fixed.


    Here is a group of Atreides light vehicles destroying the Ordos player's Harvester:



    A pretty large team of Atreides combat vehicles just about to attack the Ordos:



    The Harkonnens were taken by surprise, and lost the Light Factory to the Atreides:



    There goes the Harkonnen Construction Yard, too. The mission is pretty much failed now:



    A large Ordos base crawling with units:



    A closer look on the Ordos base:



    Some Ordos tanks on their way to attack the Harkonnens:



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