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  1. So the "official guide" is only in printed media, no online version? I'd gladly have a look at that document :)


    What other interesting stuff is there to be found?


    Some other thoughts/comments regarding that quote:


    • Perhaps the biggest change was the dropping of the biochem troops. In early designs, nod
      had this class of infantry, including a biochem research lab that was needed for ther
      ceration.Attacking enemy units with biochem spary could even sometimes turn thoses
      units into vicious, unruly Tiberium visceroids.
      Westwood found that the biochem units were functionally quite similar to flamers, and
      they were pulled. The biochem research lab still shows up as an objective, for example,
      in GDI Mission 13, bit it's not fuctional. visceroids remain as a feature sprinkled in; see
      if you can find them.
    • In early development scenarios, the GDI had a kick-ass incendiary (flame) MLRS variant.
      It had very long rangebut, most importantly, the big incendiary blast was pure hell on
      enemy infantry. Imagine a flame-tank blast that can be delivered anywhere you want!
      Reloading took a very long time, but a few of these babys still ment zero enemy
      infantry could get to you. The graphic was very cute; you could see the missles pop
      onto the launcher after the long reload time (there were two, firing independently). You
      had to be not to mix with the enemy-heaven forbid that arty came down on you!
      They weren't shabby against armor, either. Their ultralong range was a kicker. if you
      had several, it was virtually guanteed that no enemy infantry could make the long
      trek to where you where you were. You could even stand two paces out of turret range and
      pound them into dust with impunity!
      These were pulled because of concerns over game play balance. Possibly their long reload
      had been an initial attempt to dampen them, but even with it being very long, they were
      the lethal beasts described here.

    I've never played C&C multiplayer, but I've always though the Nod Chem. Warriors and S.S.M. Launchers are still buildable in multiplayer games... :huh: In any case, they're both still in the game, and can be made available for production at certain technology level settings.


    (Or is this entire paragraph about singleplayer campaigns only?)


    • Bazookas for GDI were not originally in the design but were incorporated to help round
      out the weaker GDI infantry.

    This reminds me of the Soviet side in RA (9which is essentially GDI gameplay-style-wise), where they don't have Rocket Soldiers in the singleplayer missions.

  2. I'm sorry for posting a reply to a relatively old topic, but I find this info very interesting. I have always found it exciting to explore how a game would change during its development.


    Keep 'em coming! ;)


    A hospital was on the original drawing boards for healing injured infantry, much like in Dune II

    Erm... what? :huh:

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