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  1. oh yo so its today.. ill join if im here
  2. Have u thought about a feature where you could name your games when you create one? For example when there are more people around and someone wants to play a certain kind of game or map or with certain players, they could name a game "1v1 pros" or something.
  3. You can download them, i have the links in this topic
  4. ive made sure but i no longer have the maps, so cant make, cant u make em?
  5. O man dawg you're so out of touch with da times. Lolz yea I didn't know about that either till Dude told me. Dat mofo doesn't even update the news on the site :mad: Lawl.
  6. A big open desert map with lots of tib iirc
  7. Yea the only mp map pack was the 0000 one. I already deleted it as it is included in the launcher.
  8. Oh yea, so basically why I post this here is because I thought FunkyFr3sh could integrate these into the launcher.
  9. So... I looked through the only map pack that was in zip form on RealMacMark's page and eventually inspected every map I could in it. The result is that I found 2 maps I liked that A) shouldn't be part of the existing CnCNet map database B) should work, C) are balanced enough and D) have something new to add. I also include one map that I've had for years. According to mr. Lovehandles it should be found in the same map pack, however, it can't be inspected using XCC Editor at least. All that shows up is a blank white screen. It's not really that great of a map iirc but it's apparently one of the most popular maps ever when it comes to online TD. More than a decade back at least. AFAIK it's also the favorite map of an old vet that used to hang around here on CnCNet, mr. Burnout. That map was called Southern Utah 2067 or something like that. Southern Utah 20whatever year credit goes to... ?? Credits for The Graveyard: Matthieu Hawkins, me for editing [(removed/added some tiberium here and there, changed 1 spawn position and removed 1 blossom tree) JPe stands for JP edit, feel free to use JP as my initialism in my maps] Sherwood: Mark Eaton I'll be submitting both the map files in the zip and the readmes separately. EDIT: I Can't upload TXT files?? K I'll put them into the same zip file... mappppppsss.zip
  10. What do you mean? For example, I no longer needed the N3trunner's or Dakota's old map pack because the maps were already integrated in the CnCNet v5 launcher.
  11. Ahh I see. Gotta wait and see what Funky and other possibly involved parties feel about the idea. Would you support this idea though? EDIT: Seems like this aint possible according to mr's. FunkyFr3sh and hifi. A sort of workaround or more like a compromise seems to be accounts on PlayCNC rather than CnCNet accounts/nicks...
  12. Yet another suggestion, oh me. This post is probably directed mostly at Tore, FunkyFr3sh and probably hifi. The idea is fairly simple, hopefully that's not where the simplicity ends. There are probably people out there who want to make sure their names stay theirs till eternity or ban On CnCNet. What I mean is that if you could sign into CnCNet using the name of your Forum account and lock the name, so that only you can sign in using that name. People wouldn't have to sign in using their forum account but could do so if they wished. What's more is that these accounts could also be linked e.g. to the upcoming ladders such as the PlayCNC ladder. It would also have another purpose, which is to keep a friends list on an account basis. PS. Before I made the topic I was also thinking about a friends list feature as another suggestion to the launcher, that I would submit to this topic. Apparently Funky or someone else already came up with that before, good job.
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