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  1. uninstalled and reinstalled the whole thing.
  2. it didnt work. error said that memory couldnt be read somewhere.
  3. That's the screen I'm getting . Btw the mouse is still doing the wait thing. And I have the free download version from this site .
  4. the problem i have is that a message box forms(not saying anything) and the ok box is also there and i cant do anything. my os is vista.
  5. If I can get this to work it would be awesome.
  6. Mine wont work right. It gets to some message but doesn't say anything, then freezes.
  7. WHat drugs have to do with this topic? Now even tore have the quote! Wait, this is the QUOTE OF THE YEAR!! who said any thing about drugs?
  8. don't do drugs. seriously, don't.
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