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  1. Hey, How comes you did YR before RA2 ? Looking forward to RA2 coming.. Will you be using the tunneling servers on this as well? I use a closed NAT due to 3G mobile internet, and the tunnelling servers allow me to play wheras it wouldn't normally work!
  2. Yeah I spend a lot of time playing APB. Great game and an amazing community, I do go by a different name though
  3. i think basewalking is lame... while anything is a "viable tactic" i very much doubt that base walking was at the forefront of the developers' mind when making RA
  4. :mad: Strawmanned? Where exactly did I misrepresent any of your points? I understand that you don't like it, not at any point did I say that you should. I just couldn't understand the hostility towards it... And I still can't, I mean you seem really upset that it's supposedly mis representing what it actually is? which I disagree with you on anyway. I suppose it comes down to who cares if they call it a re creation? It's not exactly a million miles away from that. Also, I've been playing c&c for around 15 years (not far off your 20) and after playing it tonight I can barely feel a difference in gameplay, I mean there are a few things but it could easily be adapted to an almost unidentifiable difference, if that so happens to be your preference.
  5. I just played a skirmish, on a big map against a computer AI. It's what I wanted C&C to be... How can you not like it? It's awesome...
  6. C&C1 on maps bigger than. 64x64. That's sold it to me.
  7. Yes it's a conspiracy, how did you know? I've been found out, I'm an OpenRa developer in disguise. Now my cover is blown I better go back to the OpenRa forums, tail between legs. No, I'm a coder and building an RTS from scratch is impressive. Especially as I've now played it briefly and while it doesn't feel exactly the same as the original, it's a damn good attempt and is still fun to play.
  8. I've never played it, how could I possibly be a cheerleader? I'm simply giving my opinion on you wonderful bunch. When one of you guys write an RTS engine from scratch I'll be just as impressed and will equally defend your time an effort.
  9. Yes Mr Spock, you are clearly at the apex of logic so I apologise for pointing out the glaring contradictions in your statement, it sounds like it hurt. XD Normally I like a good debate, but I can see I'm clearly arguing with a sewing circle of chin stroking fan boys, and I can't be fucked. Matt, regardless of what CN2MC says, the hostility is apparent, and I haven't seen one hijacked thread by OpenRa disciples, so not sure what he's going on about? Secondly, keep up the good work. It's awesome to see my favourite RTS still being kept alive by the various mods, CNCNet and projects like OpenRa. Ps. I'm downloading it tonight, looking forward to trying it out. Love that you support Linux too
  10. Yeah I thought you might, it'd be nice to see some players from here also playing, it can be pretty dead over there, which is a shame.
  11. Really CN2MC? If you'd just finished your best effort at making an RA clone and wanted to share this with the world, You are you telling me you wouldn't advertise it on a busy RA forum? Of course you would... This is exactly where it should be advertised. I suppose by your logic, he should go advertise it on a call of duty forum? Or a marginally more liberal RA forum?
  12. Thank you for welcoming me to the internet. Although i appreciate the sentiment, i'm actually a veteran. I understand that this thread is for providing opinions on OpenRa. I welcome peoples opinions, positive and negative - it's what makes the internet great... that and the fapping. :laugh: I think a few debatable claims on their website can be overlooked in light of the actual finished product. I'd say that it's actually a testament to what theyv'e done that the only thing you can find wrong with it is the blurb and the name :roll: What it boils down to is; who wants to sit looking through thousands of lines of assembly just to make sure the random numbers that control weapon accuracy are correct by an unnoticeable difference. Who has the time and patience for that??
  13. So i found this renegade mod the other day. It's a fantastic re-creation of the RA1 universe from a first person perspective. They've captured the atmosphere and mood of RA1 perfectly. Co op maps as well. Anyone interesting in C&C should check it out: http://www.bluehellproductions.com/ Oh and its stand alone!!
  14. djjammin1337

    I lag

    i'm running a 3G connection through my phone. yes the ping is usually shit, but i an play xbox live games, FPS PC games, even RA2 easily... but for some reason TD & RA Lag like crazy. Any idea why this might be? Maybe i should just pay for a dsl line...
  15. Gawd. I've just read through this thread and the phrase "nit picking" doesn't even come close. I've not had the chance to play open RA yet but I've read a lot about it, had a look at the code, reviews & screenshots. My general impression is that's it is an ambitious fan project by people who clearly love the games (why would they do it otherwise?) It wasn't made 100% faithful to the original and therefore the game play doesn't feel exactly the same as it does on the originals. My initial thought is who cares? People play the game, and people like it. I seriously do not understand why some of you are getting butt hurt about them calling it open RA? when you decide to design your own open source engine for command and conquer games that are 100% faithful, you might have something of a point but i'm pretty sure that's not the case. Long and short of it is this: Open Ra team, you've done an amazing job. and not only that, you've given us hobbyist coders an idea of what the internals of our favorite RTS might've looked like, which i think is awesome. Anyone who is butthurt for you calling it openRA is obviously a fanboy and should spend less time fapping over Tanya. "Shake it baby"! Thank you for helping keep the spirit of C&C alive. The more people involved with projects like this the better!
  16. I take it this isn't going to happen then? I do find the discussion of how it might work very interesting is anyone still working on this?
  17. so do you reckon anyone map hacks on CNCNet? Is there anyway to catch cheaters out? It's quite easy to emulate sending scouts out... Your thoughts - does it happen often?
  18. I still play a lot of ra2 and while you still get the odd one, most people want to play an actual game. The pace seems to be a lot quicker on RA1.
  19. djjammin1337


    I don't want to sound like a typical n00b and apologies if this has been brought up before, but rushing is really putting me off playing RA online. Why do people enjoy rushing so often? Surely building up a bit of a base and playing the game is more fun... Getting a win for the sake of it is sad as fuck, especially as there is no ladder. TD and RA are awesome and I've been waiting for something like CNCnet since forever but it's just getting boring with the constant ghey tactics
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