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  1. yes it does actually need more though!
  2. I have always enjoyed missions 2 and 4 from RA allied campaign where you return to the same map expanded but continue with the base and units that you finished mission 2 with. Are there any custom missions that do this. It's a shame this didn't happen more and can't really think of any other missions on Red Alert or other C&C games where you get to do this again.
  3. Am really enjoying this mod, but I have a question: how do you get the survival mode to work in the skirmishes, i add a bot and start but when it begins both the bot and i die and it says mssion fails any ideas. Great update btw really good job!
  4. great thanks for the reply I will have a go!
  5. I have created an multi player map, in the middle are some neutral units with some buildings, I am wondering if there is a trigger and if so which I should use so that if a specific building is destroyed that the action can be for all of the nuetral to die I.e. resign. I found the trigger to make them lose but when I tested it on my own it just said mission accomplished, Really I wanted it as a bugger between 2 players in a 1v1 and destroying that building would mean it is removed, but slows things down.
  6. I know red alert always came with ra edit but i was wondering if there is better program to use, I wanted to add walls for base areas to start in and maybe buildings to capture as a bonus but mainly the walls bit on a map. what do most people use? thanks all
  7. I saw what the messege said, that's why I posted it because it sounded odd. I tried changing the resolution for the game to run in within the game settings trying a number of different resolutions from 800x600 up to 1920 Am running in admin mode and have tried the settings in compatibility with no change.
  8. no I didn't try to It was set at defuly 800X600 I tried loads of different resolutions both high and low and got the same responce
  9. cant get it to actually get into a game it keeps say the following: cant get into a game. any support would be helpful please regards to all!
  10. where do you need to set the players star locations and do u need to add ai. when i try and do it with someone the other persons units all die and they fail when it starts
  11. thank you for the reply, I had a go at removing the first mission which worked, however if I try and save the mission is instantly comes up with the error and crashes, with the save game doing the save if u ever try and load it
  12. it was this campagn here: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/15823-cc-red-alert1-campaign-deadly-war/
  13. hi all, Been trying out mods etc and having lots of fun, I found a couple of custom missions packs of ra.archive which I have tried out and am finding that once I complete the first mission that it will not go to the next one and crashes the game coming up with a memory error. It then after this did the same to the saves i had for the 1st mission. I have tried the missions with both portable ra and the ra from redalert1.com and have had the same problem and just wondering if anyone had any ideas of the issue? thanks all ukrockhit
  14. Hey is there anywhere to see who is online on the mod as cncnet doesnt currently show numbers for this mod, I was just wondering if this might be added as I would love to get into the mod but not many ppl I know who play RA locally. occasional brother but he is more taken by the likes of WOW...
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