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  1. We'll need some more information to know what's going on. What message did you see when the game crashed? (usually "Internal Error", "Reconnect Error" or "Fatal Error") Did the crashes always happen on the same map and if so, which map were you playing on? How many AI players were present? Was the "Extreme AI" option enabled?
  2. Dawn of the Tiberium Age already has the "Fast Resource Growth" game option that can be enabled on any map, which basically just makes all tiberium trees and ore mines generate resources faster than you can harvest them.
  3. That's correct. Ships are only allowed in Enhanced mode since GDI and Nod don't have ships in TD and only allowing Allies and Soviet to build ships would've been a bad idea.
  4. Are you referring to any maps in particular?
  5. Impatient are you? It will be released at 6:00 PM CET / 5:00 PM UTC (GMT) / 9:00 AM PST. In the meantime, please give us a vote for MOTY:
  6. Yes, but only the high, non-destructible ones. You can potentially make a bridge as wide as the whole map... if you really want to for some reason
  7. Maybe you remember the issue from TS Dusk where you'd see tank projectiles flying in an extremely huge arc around the map when a shot failed to hit the target, but this is easily solved by adding ProjectileRange= to all non-arcing cannon weapons.
  8. But does it really? TS has a problem that by default, all its tank projectiles are insta-hit, which changes a whole lot in the balance. I haven't checked out DTA lately, but as far as I remember, the only way around this was to make them ballistic, which makes them fly over walls. In vanilla TS the only tank projectile that's insta-hit is the Titan's: all other tank projectiles are visible and hit the target when the projectile visibly reaches the target. An actual difference of tank projectiles in vanilla TS to mention is that they always fly in a small (or large) arch, but this is not the case in DTA: in DTA tank projectiles fly perfectly straight (just like in TD) and with exception of the artillery, they also can't fly over concrete walls.
  9. I guess I might as well post these here: Chrono Hazard Freezing Offensive These are both videos of Rampastring and me playing Co-Op missions (on the "Hard" difficulty) in The Dawn of the Tiberium Age. Here's a link to the folder (in case that's easier)
  10. I was playing and recording with 1920x1080p, so that's really the only resolution it can be properly watched with (and you'll of course have to watch in full-screen mode). I'm aware that some people's screens are just too small to be able to properly watch it with this resolution, so I'll be using a lower resolution (such as 1600x900) to record such videos in the future.
  11. You can use anything you like from any mod without asking for permission as long as your personal mod remains non-public. If you want to make the mod public, I'd rather not have our assets used, considering it's one of the things that helps DTA remain original as a mod. DTA does condone "sub-mods" however, so you could make a mod for DTA if you're interested in doing that, although you're currently probably more interested in modding OpenRA. Of course you could wait until DTA gets ported to OpenRA first, but I don't expect that OpenRA will be ripe enough for that (and thus offer all the features and customizeability we need) in the near future.
  12. Rampastring doesn't wanna make it too easy to decompile the client.
  13. @fir3w0rx: It seems that the log file generated by your version of the client didn't give the necessary information to figure out what's causing the client to crash for you. A new version of the client has been uploaded that should be able to generate a more helpful log file; to download it, simply delete the "version" file in DTA's directory and then start DTA.exe. It should then offer you an update; click Yes to make it download the new cncnetclient.dat file, then create a new game to cause the crash again and finally please upload the cncnetclient.log file that has been generated after this.
  14. Is it still not working with the latest version (1.1348)? Aside from the Windows Firewall, what other firewalls/virus scanners/anti-malware programs and such do you have installed? One thing you could try is starting Windows in "Safe Mode with Networking" and see if it works then; this way you can make sure that it's not an installed third-party program that is blocking the connection of DTA's client to the internet. Click this link for a short tutorial on how to do this. This has already been fixed in version 1.1348. Thanks for reporting this; I've notified Rampastring (he handles any issues related to the client). This is a side-effect of the work-around I'm using to properly get the 4 different factions to start with different MCVs and to let the AI properly construct a base with all of those 4 factions. I don't think there's anything I can do about this, so you'll indeed have to keep using F9 instead of H. This actually happens for all factions, because the harvester that is released by the refinery and the harvester that you build from the war factory are actually two different units. This is a necessary work-around that allows the refinery to be built quicker than other structures with the same price (like for example the war factory), just like in Tiberian Dawn.
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