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  1. Since 1996. A friend had it and the obsession began.
  2. If it's Tech Level 1, the AI will spam infantry like all fucking madness and the limit will be reached very quickly.
  3. Echo

    Ra95 Crash

    Yes. Now take a seat because this next bit might shock you; believe it or not they're actual people with lives and 'real world' responsibilities too!
  4. What about a Mobile AA-Gun? Absolutely sod-all defence against land/sea units (aside from crushing infantry), but capable of taking down fast jet fighters/bombers before they can even get close.
  5. There's no option in the map editor to force where a player starts, no. You can use CNCNet5's Skirmish option though and set where each player spawns before the game starts.
  6. Echo

    Unit queuing

    Queuing can be useful, but after nearly 20 years of no queuing at all I can take it or leave it. Doesn't bother me.
  7. Filenames over 8 characters (not including extension) will also cause RAED to twiddle its thumbs and not open said map (while spitting out "File not found" & "Error 1" messages).
  8. Personally, I'd at least flip it to draw immediate attention. But yes, the cameo itself looks fine.
  9. Unfortunately there's no real way to force the AI to do anything regarding unit production, especially on the PlayStation port. Even when you do get them to build a TC, the majority of units will still be basic. The best you can hope for regarding Soviet AI is that they'll build Tesla Tanks and MiGs frequently enough. Forget any ideas you have about them massing up Mammoth Tanks or even training any Shock Troopers though. It just doesn't happen.
  10. Or you can just hit Esc when they begin playing.
  11. Wrong board; this is for the original RA. Someone here or here might know what the problem is and how to help.
  12. Currently re-editing this one to allow four players; I'm not sure if I should revert the Engineers back to GoodGuy and enable all players to control them (would make certain triggers easier to fuck around with), or divide them between two houses. Currently leaning towards the 'GoodGuy' option to be honest, at least that way it's also playable with two or three players. Edit: Well fucking forget giving everyone control, a recent test proves that it just isn't workable when players aren't communicating.
  13. http://www.speedyshare.com/8hayJ/ra95crash-midgame.dmp Mid-game crash, cause unknown (no particular action taking place, nor new unit/structure being built at the time of crashing).
  14. Ah what a dope I am. Typed 'TrukAA' instead of 'TruckAA'. Works now of course!
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