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  1. do you know where your C&C95 folder is? it's the same folder that contains files like C&C95.exe (please note that, depending on your settings, you might not see the ".exe" part of it) or conquer.mix! Download the file SC-GSAB.MIX listed above (which contains the GiftS campaign) and put it directly into that folder. Start the game. Please look in the bottom right corner of the main menu. There is the version number. please post here what it says. Click on "New Missions" and look in that list. You may need to scroll down a little. If you have no other custom missions installed, you should see the GiftS campaign at the very bottom of the list. If you do have other custom missions installed, your problem could be called by a conflict in the numbering. But we can deal with that later should that be the case... i'll wait for your reply before making any more suggestions, lest i end up speculating to no avail. do you know how to take screenshots? might come in handy if we still don't progress...
  2. O_o you wrote "QQ group 19826350", also, in other places. or: just the number "19826350". what is "QQ group 19826350"? or: what is "19826350"? i am curious. EDIT: i hope i'm not scaring him... please, don't be afraid! i am not accusing you! i live in germany. if you do not want to answer: okay! no problem!
  3. Ooops... from my observation i was pretty sure the computer always gets twice the amount the player gets. But you're saying he basically fills up all his silos, as long he has less than 13 (assuming he also has only one refinery... otherwise adjust accordingly). So in fact all these guys who claimed that were (almost) right, and I always thought "it seems they weren't paying enough attention"... so, it was me who wasn't paying enough attention... now i wonder how i get that "twice the amount" idea well, i know how i arrived at that, but there must have been something i overlooked: when trying to "starve" the AI, i noticed that if only one of his harvester got through, he was able to build a new one. that part is obvious, and is still works with this new information. however, i also was under the impression that that money was barely enough to purchase that extra harvester. and i have no idea why i thought that. maybe his silos looked almost drained when his new harvester arrived. maybe he was building other stuff which i overlooked... do any of you know if maybe the computer has to pay his stuff "up-front" instead of gradually during the construction, like the player does? if so, that might explain this observation. speaking of this: how much faster does the computer build than the player? and what does the level have to do with it ... is it the build level of the mission, or is it the actual number of the campaign mission which makes it go faster? or something else entirely, maybe that mysterious "Percent" setting in the INI?
  4. Just download the MIX file and put it into your C&C95 folder. You can start the campaign from the "New Missions" menu. You'll need Nyegud's 1.06c patch, if you don't already have it.
  5. Nice. uhh... on "Waffenklau" you wrote "by Janssen von Tobias" -- it should say "by Tobias Janssen" also, when i translated the briefings, i was under the impression that "Operation England" was also from the same guy. However, looking at the "Operation England" files, only one mentions a name, and it's "Chrishey Janßen" ... may be a relative or a nickname? ("ß" is often written as "ss", when the former character is not available... and "Crishey" does not seem like a German first name at all...)
  6. Prometheus

    CY repack glitch

    Yeah, you're right, i didn't explicitly mention it. But when i said one should tell the other player/s beforehand, that seemed to me to suggest that it opens the possibility for them to choose to use that "mode" as well. by the way, one time i played against my brother, he got the combined tech tree, while i chose GDI. this was supposed to give him an advantage, because i had more experience with the game. however, in fact it seemed to handicap him even more: because of the unfamiliar situation, he wasn't sure to decide, what to build, etc. For example, building both a weapons factory and an airstrip very early, instead of building only one of those and spend the other 2000 credits to actually produce vehicles.
  7. i began a second attempt at the first mission... i find it incredibly difficult! here are some screenshots of my current situation. you can also see what speed i am currently playing it at. i found it too difficult to manage at higher speeds. however, now that things seem to go better, i might be upping the speed a little soon.
  8. i haven't tried all of the missions, but those that i tried don't do depend on the changes. i'll copy/translate them in here: i've tested the game itself and it seems that these are indeed the only "balancing" changes. (i think he intended them as anti-cheat changes.) they are slight and don't mean that such missions won't function. (only thing which could need attention is if the enemy base has enough energy... but then, that's a common mistake for beginners) but maybe you had a different version back then which had more drastic changes.
  9. Prometheus

    CY repack glitch

    come on, how can it be cheating if you agreed with your opponent and you are both using it?
  10. okay, then i think i remembered wrong. if such a thing existed i would have thought you'd know about it
  11. Prometheus

    CY repack glitch

    i think it's a nice undocumented feature, but of course you should only use it when you have agreed upon using it with your would-be opponents... do it without telling them, and it's cheating. Maybe cncnet launcher could include this as something out in the open, so nobody could get surprised by it anymore? maybe even some kind of check for the Host, which either prohibits or allows this setting for the players? something like that... i'm sometimes astonished how few people know about it, when back in the 90s that was the way we usually played Multiplayer. It makes sense to couple it with the "seperate helicopter purchase" option, so you can actually choose which kind of helis you want to build instead of always getting Apaches (iirc), having to sell them on your repair bay, so you can build an orca, etc...
  12. i remember an old map editor for DOS which let you open SAV files. maybe you could use something like that to extract at least the BIN? and then maybe re-construct the INI by different clues... but maybe my memory is wrong, it was a long time ago.
  13. the version i have includes a readme file which lists all those changes. only in german though. however, there are also alternate GDI and NOD campaigns. He states that he did the GDI campaign and about the NOD campaign he only says, that it's not by him... he doesn't mention the author of it though, which i found kinda strange.
  14. like we talked on Skype, i have completed the translations... see attachment and/or http://pastebin.com/eWrwxcvP i was a little bit unsure how to deal with the titles, so you better have a look at that. BriefGER.zip
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