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  1. I think a lot of White's maps are GDI maps you definitely can't play NOD unless there's a certain amount of tiberium on the map I find I think Pinwheel is the only map I can think of White created that you really can play NOD. A lot of the time the battle on White's maps end up being med tanks and grenadier wars.
  2. I think the fan made maps are actually a lot better than the Westwood maps personally I like a balanced map not a map where one player has a massive tiberium patch below them and another player has a tiny patch it just makes the game unfair and predictable.

    Yeah I think this map should really be called going up it looks more like an arrow than a xmas tree.
  4. weaveR_EGGBERT

    Yeah I reckon a road going around the "egg" in the middle would look cool and some roads coming off it leading to the bases
  5. weaveR_EGGBERT

    I don't know anyway yeah you should make a proper edit of the map I think I made a pretty good start on it it probably could do with some tiberium plants in the middle patch of tib especially for 4 player games and maybe some wonky roads or something lol
  6. Click here for a preview of the map weaveR_RoughneckedRomanticRabieRabbit.bin weaveR_RoughneckedRomanticRabieRabbit.ini
  7. (Wht)Trichotomy

    I'll have to 1v1 you sometime on it White looks very complicated.
  8. This is a 3v3 north vs south map where the starting units all start in the middle of the map and you have to pick where you want to drive your MCV similar to one of Mr. Killt's maps except a slightly different idea. weaveR_WouldYouLike2Squat.bin weaveR_WouldYouLike2Squat.ini
  9. weaveR_me0w

    Gotta love mr. remix over there in the uk lol.
  10. weaveR_me0w

  11. weaveR_EGGBERT

    Haha Chem edited this map and made it sand terrain yeah right noob go back to school.

    Yeah but with oil I got the idea from the level oil ocean on sonic 2 maybe we should have a game on it?
  13. weaveR_me0w

    Oh I'm making maps alright you want to vs me?
  14. Thank you

    Also one more thing NIGGYOILORANGE is an alright map I think I got the idea from the genesis/mega drive game Sonic 2 where there's a level called oil ocean. I know the names a bit rude but people would probably laugh at it and pick it.
  15. Thank you

    P.S. I think SouthSidesTheRealest is an alright map too for 3v3s I'd imagine that would be a fantastic map for those tesla coil and v2 rocket wars just as P4 is.