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  1. Personally I found lots of the community single player missions suck they're either way too hard or even impossible I recently played SCB258EA - A little Skirmish by Toaster from the Chimas mission pack and your supposed to capture a Advanced Communication Center when it's a uncapturable structure so I destroyed it instead and failed the mission.
  2. weaveR

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    Wtf Chem that game that randy wannabe TD channel posted isn't even good you just got owned proud to get owned much? Obviously recorded on a potato computer too - terrible quality. Lol @ your spammy long walls of text posts I can't believe people even read and reply to your posts they probably feel sorry for you your not even a challenge you don't use hotkeys use retarded resolutions and just use noob NOD all the time and rush apachies and think your so clever go make more vagina maps with your mum little spam boi noob. I bet the blonde guy in this youtube is what Chem looks like when he's drawing his TD maps.
  3. @fir3w0rx Not sure if trolling but it's a completely different game seems much slower and different/no hotkeys and even if it was the same game with horizontally flipped buildings you could just go GDI set a waypoint on your barracks que up training like 30 grenadiers and win straight away even quicker than a APC engineer rush. I actually wonder if the remake will end up basically being the same as DTA because of the lost source code all the EA C&C's have that standard RTS game stuff since Tiberian Sun when EA originally butted in and never made a good C&C since lol I feel like a old man going on about the good old Westwood days but it's a view shared by many people.
  4. Played White on this map he kicked my ass like 4 times I got his CY and War fac though all he had was a barracks one game but he still managed to win so that game was close the tiberium is far away I ended up building a 2nd power plant to base walk my over to the tiberium maybe I should have just moved my MCV and saved $300 every penny counts on this map.
  5. @cn2mc I agree the original maps never had enough tiberium for the type of games that are played now I remember super weapons never used to even get built on the Westwood maps I guess most of the players that play TD though are kinda slow though it was never intended for 6 people either its fun to see how many people you can take out though even on 6 player maps like ROCK N ROLL but even on maps like that there usually ends up being someone who doesn't know how to play so they get taken out and one player gets to harvest more tiberium and wins by nuke + apachie or something nothing could stop its a shame how powerful the super weapons are in TD you can't build light armor units if its NOD vs NOD because of nukes killing everything except tanks I've played team games where 2 people have double nuked my Construction Yard too and you just can't stop it its nothing to do with skill what I find really funny is how some people don't resign and instead have a grudge and haunt you for the rest of the game trying to walk engineers into your base over and over while your fighting someone else its important to completely take people out otherwise they do that because they're mad they suck even when they're not going to win or some other cheese tactics seems to be how this game is always played now though. @Ferret It's the image website I used I did directly link the images but it still goes to the website for some strange reason must redirect or something if you hover the mouse over the links you'll see they're direct links.
  6. Netrunner just totally ripped off a popular Red Alert map he didn't create the idea I did the same thing I wonder if my Tdshowdown map will become as popular as HJK6 did I think your remixes made it popular though but yeah once someone nuke + ion cannons your CY and there's nothing you can do about it it starts to get stale. That's a shame I enjoyed playing your new maps some more than others I just noticed that some maps were played over and over I thought I'd just point out the popular ones but yeah it's the same idea a blob of tiberium in the middle 5 base spots a blob of tiberium in the middle 6 base spots its the only thing that fits within 62 x 62 though that can accommodate that many players but its good that 6 player games are actually possible now because there are a few maps for it now. I never really played many of your maps cnc2mc to be honest I sort of thought they gone a bit against the grain of what people constantly play to be honest lots of people play 6 player games if they don't go out of sync and totally not saying that my maps are better my maps are just joke maps no one plays them either you probably spent months making your maps making them perfect I just thought your maps looked like Westwood style maps and they're not symmetrical like some community maps are. Yes I'm not into Red Alert either but some of the cheese tactics for TD piss me off that wouldn't happen in Red Alert but then I'd have to learn to play at 640 x 480 and do a million things at once I just can't be fucked doing that straight for hours.
  7. Keep bookmarks and have the same CnCNet hotkeys not the original hard to reach Westwood ones CnCNet did a good job picking hotkeys and adding hotkeys I always used to struggle to click sell to sell my Construction Yard when a Engineer is about to capture it and quickly repairing with a hotkey is a must it can make all the difference between keeping or losing a structure. Fix the weird build menu custom resolution glitches. Fix 6 player out of sync glitch. Add spectator mode. Add achievements same usual stuff keep it the same game basically with better graphics and more reliable connections. Remastered games can be good I liked the PS4 Crash Bandicoot remaster even though I could have just played the original games on an emulator. The achievements make you feel special even though no one cares except yourself. Just thought of something else make the original games maps compatible with the remakes!
  8. Yes they do try refreshing. Ah I was expecting one of the anti-money map people to comment I reckon Trichotillomaina and Test Idea Map are pretty I know you don't like symmetrical money maps though but each to their own personally I think games end up as stalemates when there's no tiberium especially against turtling players. 6 player games are dumb with no tiberium too couldn't imagine playing with 6 players on a Westwood style map there would simply just not be enough resources to take people out. Pro Red Alert players always play money maps too there's more action and some of them play all the time so they would probably know what a good map is by experience?
  9. weaveR's favorite Chem maps Chem hasn't uploaded most of his maps himself to the forums so I thought I'd pick out my favorite Chem maps since his maps are the most played TD maps. Previews (CHEM) CnCStuffedCrust (CHEM) ROCK N ROLL (CHEM) EMPTY YOUR BALLS! (CHEM) Trichotillomania (Man) Injustice for all [CHEM EDIT] Injustice for all [CHEM 2ND EDIT] (CHEM) Test Idea Map (CHEM) Beautiful Destruction 666 [N3] HJK6 C&C CHEMTARDEDITEdition (4p) [N3] HJK6 Nod Competition Balance Map (BL VS TR [CHEM] JK4 Looks Familiar (CHEM) Hextreme 666 (CHEM) Righteous Indignation (Final) NEW ADDED MAPS 22/04/2020 (CHEM) 2v2 Cant b fcuked 2 name it (CHEM) 3v3 I like balls! [N3] HJK (CHEM EDIT: Achromic White Loves HJK (CHEM) BrainBug 2v2 (Man) Circle Of Death chem edit (CHEM) Empty My Balls [CHEM] Have Fun Bro's! :]]] (CHEM) Highway To Hell 2 (CHEM) Chems HJK (Upside Down n Pretty) (CHEM) HJK SILOS NEEDED - Having a blast version (N3) (CHEM Edit) HJK SILOS NEEDED (CHEM) Mega Uber CHEM) Mike Pence is a Sociopath (CHEM) Preditors and Prey 3v3 (CHEM) SJK style 3v3m (CHEM) SquareCircle CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW ALL MAPS To install map pack extract "Best Chem" folder to your C:\Games\CnCNet\TiberianDawn_Online\Maps folder weaveR's favorite Chem TD maps.zip
  10. Based on the popular Red Alert map "Rashowdown" TD maps have to be smaller than RA maps though so I could only fit half of the map and it ended up looking like an ass. The original looks like tits. We need more team maps most maps are either FFA maps or 1v1. Has a few changes like 3x3 room for a line of Refinerys and another Construction Yard for all tech like Chem's popular HJK6 remix (another popular map originally from RA). I decided to do that because people were saying it was a GDI map. Still hard to beat turtling NOD players with a line of hard to shoot Oblisks though but you miss out on the middle tiberium if you don't base walk and claim the middle. Try and avoid being scouted to avoid being nuke + ion cannoned or apachied. Chinooked engineers will also be a threat remember to protect your base too not just the entrance! weaveR_v3-Tdshowdown.bin weaveR_v3-Tdshowdown.ini
  11. They did spec mode for Red Alert and I think it was added somehow because you never could do it before CnCNet existed it could have been one of the hidden options buried in the code though hopefully TD has it in its code too or there's some way to trigger a base to not spawn. Oh well the game is now much better than it originally was anyway bigger maps would be nice though.
  12. It's always been like that even since the DOS version its like no build que everything has to be done manually its part of the Westwood C&C charm its like driving a manual car some people prefer to manually do things if you don't like it go play the open source version of TD or one of the newer C&Cs. Besides APCs are really only used for 1 engineer unless your playing against the potato AI.
  13. I remember the screen shaking when blowing up a construction yard on the DOS version I never had disconnection problems either when playing dial up multiplayer games but that only allowed you to play head to head even if the person dialing could do conference calls. Still unsure why it caused disconnection problems I guess the high latency caused the shaking to go out of sync. Would we be able to add the who is lagging text like how it has been added to Red Alert? Also it would be cool if you could choose to spectate rather than having to resign. Not having the option causes the person who is unfortunate to have the spectator spawn on their starting position deploying delays on head to head maps. I'd like to see the option to choose your starting position added as well most RTS games have that option. It would be nice to be able to guarantee the positions to be swapped on a rematch to avoid map balance excuses. Also would like to see bigger maps I don't think the current sized maps were ever intended for 6 players especially on the official maps but yeah the editor would probably have to be updated too but it was obviously updated when snow was added so why not just update it again? One more thing I'd like to see is a quick match option I've noticed its been added to Red Alert so why not add it to the original as well? Also the computer shouldn't take over the player when they abort their base should just explode people sometimes capture the retarded computer players structures and have an unfair advantage especially on money maps where it is a race to harvest the most tiberium. Even on maps with a sensible amount of tiberium its a problem really unsure why Westwood thought it was a good idea for a poorly programmed AI to take over.
  14. Yeah I think this map should really be called going up it looks more like an arrow than a xmas tree.
  15. Yeah I reckon a road going around the "egg" in the middle would look cool and some roads coming off it leading to the bases
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