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  1. weaveR

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    They did spec mode for Red Alert and I think it was added somehow because you never could do it before CnCNet existed it could have been one of the hidden options buried in the code though hopefully TD has it in its code too or there's some way to trigger a base to not spawn. Oh well the game is now much better than it originally was anyway bigger maps would be nice though.
  2. weaveR

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    It's always been like that even since the DOS version its like no build que everything has to be done manually its part of the Westwood C&C charm its like driving a manual car some people prefer to manually do things if you don't like it go play the open source version of TD or one of the newer C&Cs. Besides APCs are really only used for 1 engineer unless your playing against the potato AI.
  3. weaveR

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    I remember the screen shaking when blowing up a construction yard on the DOS version I never had disconnection problems either when playing dial up multiplayer games but that only allowed you to play head to head even if the person dialing could do conference calls. Still unsure why it caused disconnection problems I guess the high latency caused the shaking to go out of sync. Would we be able to add the who is lagging text like how it has been added to Red Alert? Also it would be cool if you could choose to spectate rather than having to resign. Not having the option causes the person who is unfortunate to have the spectator spawn on their starting position deploying delays on head to head maps. I'd like to see the option to choose your starting position added as well most RTS games have that option. It would be nice to be able to guarantee the positions to be swapped on a rematch to avoid map balance excuses. Also would like to see bigger maps I don't think the current sized maps were ever intended for 6 players especially on the official maps but yeah the editor would probably have to be updated too but it was obviously updated when snow was added so why not just update it again? One more thing I'd like to see is a quick match option I've noticed its been added to Red Alert so why not add it to the original as well? Also the computer shouldn't take over the player when they abort their base should just explode people sometimes capture the retarded computer players structures and have an unfair advantage especially on money maps where it is a race to harvest the most tiberium. Even on maps with a sensible amount of tiberium its a problem really unsure why Westwood thought it was a good idea for a poorly programmed AI to take over.
  4. weaveR


    Yeah I think this map should really be called going up it looks more like an arrow than a xmas tree.
  5. weaveR


    Yeah I reckon a road going around the "egg" in the middle would look cool and some roads coming off it leading to the bases
  6. weaveR


    I don't know anyway yeah you should make a proper edit of the map I think I made a pretty good start on it it probably could do with some tiberium plants in the middle patch of tib especially for 4 player games and maybe some wonky roads or something lol
  7. Click here for a preview of the map weaveR_RoughneckedRomanticRabieRabbit.bin weaveR_RoughneckedRomanticRabieRabbit.ini
  8. weaveR


    I'll have to 1v1 you sometime on it White looks very complicated.
  9. This is a 3v3 north vs south map where the starting units all start in the middle of the map and you have to pick where you want to drive your MCV similar to one of Mr. Killt's maps except a slightly different idea. weaveR_WouldYouLike2Squat.bin weaveR_WouldYouLike2Squat.ini
  10. weaveR


    Gotta love mr. remix over there in the uk lol.
  11. weaveR


  12. weaveR


    Haha Chem edited this map and made it sand terrain yeah right noob go back to school.
  13. weaveR


    Yeah but with oil I got the idea from the level oil ocean on sonic 2 maybe we should have a game on it?
  14. weaveR


    Oh I'm making maps alright you want to vs me?
  15. weaveR

    Thank you

    Also one more thing NIGGYOILORANGE is an alright map I think I got the idea from the genesis/mega drive game Sonic 2 where there's a level called oil ocean. I know the names a bit rude but people would probably laugh at it and pick it.