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  1. Thank you

    Also one more thing NIGGYOILORANGE is an alright map I think I got the idea from the genesis/mega drive game Sonic 2 where there's a level called oil ocean. I know the names a bit rude but people would probably laugh at it and pick it.
  2. Thank you

    P.S. I think SouthSidesTheRealest is an alright map too for 3v3s I'd imagine that would be a fantastic map for those tesla coil and v2 rocket wars just as P4 is.
  3. Thank you

    Hey developers I just wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work keeping these games alive I'm not too sure if you realized I made a few new maps and I think some of them would make excellent Red Alert maps but am unsure how to convert them. I'm trying to help keep the games alive I don't have any money to donate anything but thank you so much for your hard work the games are better than they originally were in the Westwood Chat days and I can't thank you enough! I think the best maps I made would be me0w and EGGBURT maybe you could convert them and include them in the next update so people play them? Would be a change from P4 and HJk6. I think EGGBURT is similar to P4 how it has minerals around the edge of the map I got a few ideas from that map because I like the barebone style rather than the complicated style people like White and Ferret go for. I'd love for it to have instant regrowing ore but I don't know how to do that I'm getting a bit sick of the noobs on TD Whites good but other people are just completely clueless.
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  5. (Wht)Rush Down Rampage

    weaveR <3's christians
  6. (Wht)Rush Down Rampage

    Apparently my name is a "bad" username and so is "bill" on my other computer lol weaveR lieks tubes!
  7. (Wht)Rush Down Rampage

    Good man your much more good at making good maps than I am keep up the good work!
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  11. New Twitch Livestream page live

  12. Play for bitcoins idea

    Hey I'm getting sick of these actors playing this game could we add a feature to play for bitcoins?
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    Hahahaha yeah that map isn't my best one it's alright though.
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