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  1. Checking for updates screen appears and does nothing. Then I get a dialog box that says: "Update failed... Please check your connection, Anti-Virus and Firewall settings! The operation has timed out" I have turned off the virus and firewall and the same thing happens. Funkyfresh helped me a few weeks ago with the last update. If memory serves, he gave me a direct link but I can't remember exactly. I have already tried http://downloads.cncnet.org/updates/cncnet5/CnCNet5Version.txt and http://downloads.cncnet.org/updates/cncnet5/ and https://downloads.cncnet.org/updates/cncnet5/ with no love (403 Forbidden). Also while joining a game with a map that I don't have, it fails to download the new map so I can't play on any new maps either. Please help.
  2. 24 years First was LAN games at a buddies house. Then Westwood online and then played on TEN. I've also used the same screen name the whole time.
  3. Sorry...it seems to crash on running the client not the install. I'm running XP SP3 on my home PC if that helps. Thanks Funky
  4. Hello... I have RA5 installed on my laptop at work and it runs great. At home on my PC, I try to install 5 and it crashes during the install. Any suggestions would be great. P.S. Thanks to you all for bringing RA to the masses!
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