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  1. Really good comments by TRZ, KushLounge, and Humble. I just want to add that TS is a small and divided community. :roll: It is a difficult place even with those of us that have been around for a while. :mad: I can relate. It is going to be difficult to fit in. It will take a long time, and you might give up. Being that this place is divided and small, most of these players have been around for a LONG TIME. It's like a clique, or a groupie thing. New players just don't fit in with their game. When you get kicked, make a note of the players in the room. Next, try to find games that do not have those players, and do what Fir3w0rx suggested. Yes, there are sleaze balls around. Like Humble suggested steer away from the mods. Unfortunately, that's probably where you will end up. At this point, you will learn all the wrong things, and a bunch of other bad stuff.
  2. ElmerFudd

    Race map

    Version 15 is the latest!!!!!! And it's Great! Most Excellent! IT seems like a Nod player going through his gate does not activate his upgrade to new building. I will try GDI. Another idea I thought of is to have just one row of cell tags for the trigger and another row of cell tags for a backup trigger. The back up trigger could check a local variable to see if it is set by the main trigger. If not, it could then redo what the main trigger did. Just a thought. XD Oh BTW Holland!!!!!!!! HIhihihihihihihihihihiihihhiihhiihihihihihihihihihihihiihi
  3. Thanks Holland and PTapioK for getting the ball rolling on this. You guys did a great job bringing this to the developer's attention. Now we have Custom Text Triggers which is more than anyone can ask for! Oh Hi Holland, I see how you did it in your fantastics maps. I've already updated some of mine. Thanks. BTW Holland, Hhihihihihihihihihihihihihihiihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi
  4. I think I tried tunnels once long ago and failed miserably. I wish I could help you, but I'm clueless about tunnels. Maybe try reverse engineer a copy of the Tunnel Training map. Also, someone fixed Seb's Area 51 map with the tunnel problem. Check with Humble or XmeXyou. Oh did I forget? Holland!!!!!!! HIhihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi
  5. TOPIC - Complaint: Players promoted to Admin like Rossi and DefMike must be demoted back to player Hi all, Bottom Line Up Front: I got banned for who knows how long for something any normal person would do. Why are RA1 players like Rossi and DefMike channel admin? Whoever made the decision to promote them to admin made a big mistake. I remember Rossi as a RA1 player and never as admin. In the back of mind, I thought players as admin was not a good idea. It is unprofessional to have players as admin. This creates a conflict of interest among other problems. Why are 2 RA1 players admin and no other games represented? Since I am a player, I would never want to be admin no matter how much I contribute. Look at XmeXyou he does a lot for TS, but he is not channel admin. In Rossi's case, I sense a micro manager that is going too far. He claims I was spamming the lobby. If I was spamming the lobby, the spam bot would detect that and kick me. Right? Well, it did not detect I was spamming because I was not. I was chatting with another player and I did up to maybe 10 !seen commands where I was looking up old players that I haven't seen in a long time. Is this spamming? No it's not. In Rossi's case, I have previously observed where it seemed someone got banned for potentially retribution reasons. I did not see the whole story. So, I cannot confirm this. It looked suspicious as I was watching the lobby. The main chat seems like a cold and barren place these days. I noticed this trend a long time ago. I figure players are afraid to do anything in the lobby for fear they will get banned by Rossi or DefMike. I criticized Rossi. I get the sense you can get banned for that too. It does not feel right to see players as admin. I have been suppressing this feeling ever since I first noticed players as admin. I remember the lobby as an active lively place a while back where you can chat freely and have fun. I do think spamming should be stopped. Isn't that what the bot is for? Let the bots do the job. Human channel admins are subject to bias and other human emotions that can get distorted over time. Why does the lobby need bots and human channel admins? Demote the players and let the bots do the job in a objective and consistent manner.
  6. Lets get a few things straight here: The mod players are nodrescue and his people. They suddenly mass migrated here from XWIS in early February. Why? This is the topic of a separate post. XWIS still has a fully functional working ladder system that has been working for years. nodrescue and his people have never been seen high on the XWIS ladder system, NONE of them EVER, when all of nodrescue and his people were playing on XWIS. Therefore, there should be no concessions for nodrescue and his people on this server. NONE. If nodrescue and his people all of a sudden want to participate on a ladder, they need to go back and use the XWIS ladder system because they pretty much own that place, but nodrescue and his people decided that they want to come here and corrupt this server, which is going to be the topic of yet another post. The XWIS ladder system is ready and waiting for the return of nodrescue and his people.
  7. nodrescue: #1. Baseless personal attacks?...... disgusting. Disgusting is the same word I would use to describe your deceptive garbage corrupt maps. #2. The solution is for you to stop spreading these garbage corrupt maps on this server. I know with certainty that this is your mission. #3. It is unbelievable how twisted some people are. #4. You have played a major role in destroying and dividing this community. Everyone: we cannot allow nodrescue and his clones to tarnish this server, and turn it into another XWIS.
  8. Plokite_Wolf: I saw your first comment. I am not ignoring it. I will have to start a new post to cover that topic. Here is the short answer: #1. Players cannot easily see/discern the mods while in game. Players might notice that harversters seem to be running real fast, but they might be confused about that like I was. #2. The map names do not warn of the mods i.e. the fundamental change of rules. #3. The nodrescue clones that play these maps do not warn unsuspecting players what they are in for. #4. The nodrescue clones try to pass this off as a normal game. It is anything but a normal game. #5. The nodrescue mods changes the rules of the game. Most of the units are not changed and new units are not added like a traditional mod would.
  9. Amokk: #1. What you are doing is disgusting and beyond retarded. Did I not give you the Warlord map with the deceptive mods removed? Try playing that for a change. #2. Do you not understand that this server is intended for classic games. The garbage deceptive corrupt maps you play are not classic. It does not fit in with the intent or the spirit of this server. You brought that garbage here and now you suck in everyone you can. You will regret this. #3. From now on, whenever you play deceptive corrupt maps, you will warn everyone in the room that what they are about to play is a map that has fundamentally changed the rules of the game.
  10. Spo0kyCow: #1. nodrescue maps are not mod maps. They are in a class by themselves. A new class of maps called deceptive mods. #2. I have a ton of mod maps and they are nothing like nodrescue maps. A real mod map is okay to play once in a while for a breather. #3. Big Bluntz Green is not a mod map. You can call it a quasi-mod map. The specific BBG map you reference in this post has all the mods removed. Thus it is named BBG Original. This specific BBG Original map I played is not a mod map. It is not a quasi-mod map. It is simply a non-westwood map. This is because the mods were removed. In other words, it is a pure uncorrupted map unlike the garbage crap that you play. #4. You are a nodrescue clone. By definition, nodrescue clones have learning disorders. #5. I am not raged about mod maps. These maps are not deceptive. A player can easily tell it has been modified. #6. I am raged about deceptive and corrupt maps and the people who spread it.
  11. Amokk: #1: You have no business posting private messages in a public forum without consent of the parties involved. #2: What you just did is reprehensible. #3: I am very upset with you and the nodrescue clones who have come to this server to trash it and corrupt new players. Here is the problem folks: #1. nodrescue maps have deceptive mods. #2. nodrescue maps have fundamentally changed the rules of the game to satisfy what I have now determined to be a deliberate agenda by nodrescue. #3. These maps and their players are downgrading this great server and robbing this classic game and players who come to reminisce from the original game. #4. This server must not be corrupted. This is a serious problem. I have figured this out and I understand what is going on. I will be damned to see this garbage spread. Here is the solution: #1. If you are going to play this modified TS/corrupt maps, do it on XWIS. XWIS is where this garbage took root and now it has spread here. #2. If you insist on playing it here, set passwords on your games so that only other nodrescue clones play the maps. If I catch you corrupting other players especially new players, you will have a big problem to deal with... that would be me.
  12. Hello CnCNet Team! I first have to say that CnCNet5 is an outstanding product that is well built by a superb group of professionals especially FunkyFr3sh. You provide a high quality service to CnC fans everywhere! I am very impressed with CnCNet5! I am a regular player on CnCNet5 for Tiberian Sun. I have noticed a few items that negatively affect the gaming experience on CnCNet5 for TS, and I would like to ask for the following enhancements. These items are all missing files and parts from the game, which I imagine should be an easy upgrade to add the missing parts to a *.mix file. I have noticed the CnCNet5 auto-updater is routinely updating files. It appears to be actively maintained. 1. Please add the SHP and/or Voxel files for the Mammoth Tank. At the moment, the Mammoth Tank is invisible when a player encounters it on a map. Several maps and CompStomps incorporate the Mammoth Tank. When a new player encounters the invisible tank, they interpret that as a flaw with the service, and they could lose confidence in the service, which could turn them off from CnCNet5 for TS. 2. Please add the Tutorials.ini file to the game. Many people over the years including myself have made multiplayer mission maps and CompStomps that use the Text Triggers in Tutorials.ini. Having this file missing, negatively impacts missions and CompStomps because the player is used to seeing the text triggers, and the Mission becomes ineffective since it can no longer instruct the player what to do in the mission. 3. Please add the missing mission related sounds and audio. Mission maps, CompStomps, and specialty maps use audio and sounds from these missing files. Having these items missing negatively impacts the original intent of the map. 4. Please add the missing SHP file at the Game Summary screen when a game is over. When players see a black background on the game summary screen, they see this as a problem with the service, which may lead to them wondering what else is wrong and/or missing? Having this file missing takes away from the original experience of the game. I realize that one of the reasons why these items are missing is to keep the original install small enough for dial-up internet world wide installs. However, a majority of TS players play CompStomps and Missions which makes these missing parts necessary. I am sure there is a way to add these items back in. Thanks again for an outstanding product! I hope to see these enhancements roll in soon! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Elmer Fudd
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