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  1. Everything is fixed and now stable it seems the tanks behavior acting weird is caused by the limits of units, repairing still seems not working not a major issue. I have been trying to add an MCV deployed with a flag next to it for CTF game, players has to capture it, it seems it does not exist or somehow cannot seem to figure how to make it spawn ? i think this might help. [FPLS] Unknown1=0 Unknown2=0 Unknown3=0 Unknown4=0 Unknown5=0 Unknown6=0 Unknown7=0 CanBeBurnt=0 Unknown9=1 Unknown10=0 Unknown11=0 NameId=240 ; "Flag Location" Unknown13=0 Thank you again Chad.
  2. cool if you need the last version its here https://drive.google.com/open?id=18hA5wK8_ivUZuoA1ty4VeJ2dKHGQvqmz
  3. I already set the teamtypes to spawn 3 tanks at 3 diferent location for each team type. isnt the map 126x126 ?
  4. I would like to thank you all for your help, was a great discussion and some of you gave me some great ideas. Love the brainstorming!
  5. Hi, I have been working on a arena defense map for a while i have some triggerand teamtypes set, 3 waves betwen each wave 8 minutes timer and after the 3rd wave timer ends one of the waves pauses for 4 minutes then re-produces again the issue is it seems the tanks are getting stuck at the waypoint outside the map and not spawning to they waypoint which causes new units coming out getting stuck and not spawning properly for example you see a tank spawning in different location and walking towards the spawning point to jump to the waypoint assigned or 1 tank spawn instead of 3 cause the other 2 are stuck behind, i've tried for 3 days to play around with triggers and such but no luck. Second issue i have a trigger that makes you auto lose if you build any air buildings works perfectly while playing solo but doesnt work if someone is specing you. Third issue is, if some tanks stop to defend the base they just sit there and dont move anymore untill some other units come near to attack plus when they attack by numbers ( 20 for example ) 5 of them shoot and the rest just sit waiting doing nothing. Fourth issue is i think the unit limit doesn't allow the tank to spawn anymore or they completly get stuck all the time i am not sure what is happening. Last issue is i have set in the map None,0,1 for the building to repair but they dont seem to repair. Any help would be appreciated. Link to map: here Updated map ( fixed everything in order ): Here New One
  6. Try to run it as administrator or disable UAC from windows
  7. It's Called CnCnet Discussion so chill ok ? i'm trying to discuss.
  8. MaDMaN

    To Funky.

    funky what if it was personal matter or issue doesnt need the whole world to know what it is.
  9. MaDMaN

    To Funky.

    charbel needs to have a word with you.
  10. MaDMaN

    To Funky.

    even your private messages on the forum are disabled ?
  11. MaDMaN

    To Funky.

    we need to speak, in private make it happen asap.
  12. FunkyFr3sh It's time.... or it isnt ?
  13. I still activate aftermath lol
  14. every 2 or 3 minutes cncnet client keeps reconnecting with this message Unable to write data to the transport connection : Cannot access a disposed object . Object name : 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'
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