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  1. Can't update my client

    Try to run it as administrator or disable UAC from windows
  2. To Grant

    It's Called CnCnet Discussion so chill ok ? i'm trying to discuss.
  3. To Funky.

    funky what if it was personal matter or issue doesnt need the whole world to know what it is.
  4. To Funky.

    charbel needs to have a word with you.
  5. To Funky.

    even your private messages on the forum are disabled ?
  6. To Funky.

    we need to speak, in private make it happen asap.
  7. To Funky.

    FunkyFr3sh It's time.... or it isnt ?
  8. Wheres all the cool crap?

    I still activate aftermath lol
  9. CnCnet Keeps reconnecting

    every 2 or 3 minutes cncnet client keeps reconnecting with this message Unable to write data to the transport connection : Cannot access a disposed object . Object name : 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'