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  1. I know you love the word FREE, but this implies there's no need to buy / own the game.
  2. You mad bro? I expected a post like this on our forums but then I noticed you were banned from the forums for tons of misbehaviour. You kept disturbing me in-game, what did you expect..
  3. That's right and it does have troubles with NAT.
  4. Red Alert 2 requires nor benefits from port forwarding.
  5. XTF

    CnCNet 5 released!

    Most games don't have any problems with that.
  6. XTF

    CnCNet 5 released!

    One that doesn't require admin privs would be handy.
  7. XTF

    CnCNet 5 released!

    Are the installers without admin privileges?
  8. If you don't agree to the EULA you probably aren't licensed to 'use' the music either.
  9. Nice! What's the definition of a player though? People connected to the server? People in matches? How many matches/day are being played? BTW, the "SUPPORTED GAMES" link at the bottom is broken. What's the correct forum to report this?
  10. XTF

    My Topics view broken

    I know. And obviously all my posts is a list of posts, not a list of topics, which is what I requested. So, just say, no, it's not available.
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